4. Sandias Peak from from
about 10,000 feet
5. Cumbres-Toltec Senic
Railroad near the Colorado
The MagaZine
Section 1:
How much we all are the same. Our World. 3rd Rock
from the Sun. Photograph by Cliff Fry. This is the Rio Grande.

Totally Cool
The Magazine
The Music Credit:
Living In The USA
Steve Miller Anthology
Capitol Records

captured moments
Annette and Cliff Fry
Stay Tuned. On the road
of what you will find ...
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
"The Official Editorial Authority"
copyright 2002
All rights reserved.
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait -- and Adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Section 4

Section 1
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Section 3
The Magazine
Your Country,
Your Future.
Your Land,
Here we are in South Africa. Well, that's not
exactly true. We said there was a twist in the
road that would take us somewhere else. At
the water's edge. In fact, the twist is that ...
all the pictures in this story are not from
around the World. They are all from one
place. It is someone's backyard so to speak.
A backyard called America. The place where
every part of the World is ... to be found.
How much we are all the same.

This is The Rio Grande
Big Bend National Park
Cliff Fry

1. looking down the Rio Grand
at Big Bend
2. Sandias
3. Sandias Peak from West
Mesa Across Rio Grande
6. Valley Grande in the Jemez
7. This page
Your Land. Your Country.
Your Future
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