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of what happens ...
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
"The Official Editorial Authority"
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On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait -- and Adjust
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A Magazine Alive
Section 1:
The Promised Land. Planet Earth.
Photograph courtesy of Annette and Cliff Fry

outtakes and misc.
The Music Credit:
Vincero Perdero
Mario Frangoulis
Odyssey / Sony Music

Totally Cool
The Magazine
Section 4

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Section 3
The Magazine
Your Land.
Your Country.
Your Future.
photo by Annette Fry
Looking at this image you may find yourself
dreaming of Italy. Romantic visions. Sitting in
a hillside or mountainside village, or somewhere
in a vineyard ... pondering the idea of passions
and love while having a glass of local full bodied
red wine. Maybe you can envision the rich aroma
of an old world meal twisting, winding, floating in
the air through narrow streets. It is all out there.

In a Universe of ... appreciation.
The many things
that should be saved.

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