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While having a Conversation with a man
that knows the meaning of Art he said he
had read a story that we did called "The
Sweat Shop." Proud of our contribution
made, he talked about both the Fashion
Modeling industry and Art industry having
begun to recognize that integrity is all
important to achieve real success. He
said "even producers in the Porno and
Sex industry look down upon Agents
or Photographers who try to use the
so called 'Casting Couch' for their own
sexual gratification." "The day of the
Casting Couch is over." It is about Art,
the pictures, and form ... raw beauty.
The finished product. The man having
the conversation was Irvin Bomb.
Irvin Bomb was commissioned back in
1991 to paint a portrait of U.S. president
Teddy Roosevelt which is on permanent
public display in the United States Naval
Museum at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue --
Washington D.C. (and featured below).
Irvin is getting down to a different piece
of Art. In the year of 2002 Irvin Bomb's
first Book was published ... THE ART
OF IRVIN BOMB, available in Virgin
Megastore, Barnes & Noble, Borders,
and better comics stores distributed
worldwide. All we will say is: Sexy Sexy
Sexy. And it will be discussed as a
Holiday Gift. Also Irvin has an adult
video series on InDemand and Action
PPV and NastyArt DVD's are scheduled
for world-wide home video release. The videos show features: the secret of
how the artist interacts with women from off the streets of Manhattan and
details the "pose nude" studio session to create a painting.
But the inside scoop on Irvin Bomb is (an ultra hip insider Mag) Black Book
covered "The Art of the Bomb" book release party and decided
to have Mr. Irvin Bomb paint a portrait for the back Cover of their October /
November Fall 2002 issue. The Portrait is -- in a fashionable style for these
times, of one girl wearing a Gas Mask. When we saw the oil painting image
"Dirty Bombshell" by the Bomb immediately we hooked up with the cool ones
at Black Book Magazine. We wanted to give them a big mention and feature
a look at the -Bombshell- on the Web. We had their blessing. If you want
the hard copy of the image for framing go out and grab your own copy of
Black Book Magazine available around the globe. The oil painting is a one of
a kind. Maybe Irvin will do a full size poster version somewhere down the line.
He should do a series. They could be the next "Army Wants You" campaign.
Commissioned 1991 portrait of president Teddy Roosevelt by Irvin is on permanent public
display in the United States Navel Museum, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue -- Washington D.C.
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