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Stories that do defy logic from -- The Paranormal Insider ... where reality and
dreams may sometimes switch places and it be difficult to tell which is which. The Paranormal
Insider asks: Can Another Person Alter Your Dream ??? You're dreaming of a babbling brook,
a bottle of wine and your lover by your side, when all of a sudden the brook becomes a raging
wall of water, the wine turns into blood and your lover is transformed into a lizard-headed beast.
Was it just something you ate ? Or was another person involved, a diabolical individual who
entered your mind and turned your dream into a nightmare ? While there is no definitive answer,
parapsychologists have developed a breakthrough technique they hope will help them find out.
The test measures whether a conscious subject can influence the dreams of a sleeping person
through controlled mental telepathy. Because the scientific monitoring of REM activity eliminates
conscious or unconscious fraud on the part of the dreaming subject, the researchers expect the
results to -- make waves.
Joy Of Isolation. It was about 30 years ago that famed neurophysiologist Dr. John Lilly created
the isolation tank in order to help foster meditative states and inner peace. Resting in the tank
in warm water, isolated from all external stimuli, the voyager would soon find herself entering
a realm of expanded consciousness ... similar to a psychedelic "trip". Many reported that they
followed a golden light to a world where they felt united with all living things -- a magical place
where reality was turned on its head in many delightful ways. The intensity of the experience
was too much for some, driving them to the brink of insanity. Even today Lilly's isolation tank
has not attained mainstream acceptance --for good reason, not all who enter it return the same.
Mystery Bones Of Cambodia. Recently unearthed bones are sickening Cambodian villagers
and local officials have no idea why. While digging a foundation for a new Buddhist temple,
residents of Sangkum Meanchey village near the border with Vietnam encountered a strange
assortment of bones. The bones weren't human and didn't belong to any identifiable animal
species, but they did make all who came near them dizzy and feverish. Superstitious villagers
now believe the remains have the power to torment humans. The bones are being guarded by
local police for examination by scientists from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.
I Entered My Husband's Nightmares. My ex-husband used to have very horrible nightmares,
stuff that really twisted horror movies are made of, people having sex with unhuman entities, and
humans that weren't human and ate human flesh. I learned early in our relationship that if I put
my hand on the small of his back during one of these dreams that I could physically walk into the
dream and stop it. (I could tell the nightmares because of the sounds he would make). "Then
one day when we were driving home, I told him about a very strange dream I had (he had been
holding me while we were sleeping). He'd had the same dream and knew several of the details.
Since it was more like one of his dreams than mine, we figured that I had slipped into his dream
and remembered it as my own. "So ... yes it is possible to alter another person's dreams."
The Man In My Dream. In the last few years a certain person has continually appeared in my
dreams. Not just as a main character, but often as background. In the last three months or so
he has shown up in at least three quarters of the dreams I remember. About a month ago I
began to feel mocked. Knowing that he was into astral projection and the like, I asked him if it
was possible for some one to project his / herself into the dream of someone else. "He said it
was...and that he knew how. It's been more than a month since I asked him and in that time
he's only appeared in my dreams once."
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