The MagaZine
The MagaZine
Section 1:
On Track. Going somewhere. The Promised Land. Planet Earth.
Photograph by Annette Fry

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Stay Tuned. On the road
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Richard Renda
Editorial Director
"The Official Editorial Authority"
outtakes and misc.
The Music Credit:
The World Is Not Enough
Lewis Flinn Music

Totally Cool
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The Magazine
We love this photograph most of all because we could not
be sure where we were. It could be anywhere. Between
here and there. Like many times in your life. You know
you are somewhere but it can be anywhere when you do
not know exactly where you are. That happens when you
are on the right track as well as the wrong track. You know
you are somewhere, but where is another question. In the
Universe. On Earth. You could be in Germany ... maybe
Austria ... maybe Spain ... maybe traveling the Santa Fe
Railroad or doing a EuroPass on the EuroRail. That is the
point. It is all about: Common Ground. And a peaceful day.
Your Land ...
Your Country,
Your Future.
photos courtesy of
Annette & Cliff Fry
The Feel of Rolling Hills.
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