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Janice Dickinson ... Sonia Braga ... Patricia Field
- feeling the Squeeze -
Musician / Singer
Kali Hawk hanging
out on a Doughnut.

Stephen Eastman
Out and About
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On the scene
Richard david Renda
Could you imagine growing up to realize you really are a fruit, that you came into this World to be a fruit ?
What a lot of Fun ! "Fruit of the Loom" celebrates their coming year with some very big fruits (only teasing).
Photos by Richard david Renda. All rights reserved.
The is an Incredible Lady. A Great Fashion Designer with a great eye (and the lady behind the what to wear
on HBO's hit series "Sex and the City"). This is Patricia Field. No matter how famous of a Celebrity
Patricia is she always takes time for people. She never forgets she is part of the human race.
Fashion icon Patricia Field takes a shot and poses for the photogs with people on the Street.
that girl is trying to squeeze
my grapes
Is this what
is called a
mixed bag
of Fruit --
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