Totally Cool
The Magazine
The Music Credit:
Falcon Ridge
(Not to be Forgotten) Dave Carter
Private Stock Records
- courtesy of Jason Reiser -

outtakes and misc.
A lot of Hot Air. No it is not a Political Event . The Annual
Hot Air Balloon Show. Shot on Location. In Alburquerque,
New Mexico. Photographs courtesy of Annette and Clifford Fry.

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On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait ... And Adjust
-- your volume.
Richard david Renda
Editorial Director
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Stay Tunes - There is a
way to reach the sky --
copyright 2002
All rights reserved.
A Magazine Alive
Section 3:
The MagaZine
This little story, in a way,
should teach you one thing.
That is ... To Never Stop
Reaching For The Sky.
And this story shows one
other thing. As long as you
do try to reach for the sky:
you can get there, and you
never know -- you may touch
something you have never
seen or felt before.
Did you ever
realize or
feel like

Life sometimes
stands still as it
floats away --
Chasing the next
big white puffy
cloud. On a
clear blue day.
Going which
ever way the
wind blows.
It is Nature giving you another
gift. The Gift of good

Hot Air !
Photographs by
Annette Fry

Up Up and Away
in my Beautiful
Balloon --

what does it make you
think about ????
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