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The Frontier Riders have a long standing motto
"One for all ... and All For Fun."

outtakes and misc.
The American Museum of Natural History
is recommended HIGHLY for anyone in
the whole wide World.

Located on Central Park West
between 77th and 81st Streets
in New York City.

(main entrance at 79th Street)

"Tropical Butterflies
Alive in Winter" is open
to the public through
May 2003. A Really
Fun Place to visit.
An Adventure for
the Holiday Season.

This is one of the Museum
of Natural History's most
popular exhibitions.
Transport yourself to a
verdant rain forest in the
Museum's viarium, as you
mingle among the 500
iridescent tropical butterflies
flying through lush foliage and
blooming plants.

The perfect antidote for
those colder months. An
evolution and conservation
of magical winged
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The MagaZine
The above picture is not a drawing.
It is real and the closest picture of
the Planet with its Rings and Moons.
The Cassini spacecraft's first photos.
photo credit: NASA (
For a Historical note:
The Frontier Riders
accompanied The 4
Horseman on their
Journey to Ground Zero,
September 5th - in the
Year 2002.

Perform for all kinds of
Events and Celebrations
as "Live Action Specialist"
they do it all. Trick
Horses, Trick Roping,
Target Bull Whips, Trick
Horseback Riding and
more. The Spirit of the
Old West
For further information contact: Cowboy Larry Zwickel, Central New Jersey
732 905-3045 or Scott Sheperd, Las Vegas 702 813-6100.
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