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Heather Mills visits New York Firefighters.
c. 2002 -- Photo by Randy Brooke -- All rights reserved.

The MagaZine
Summer 2002
The Summer Season means
one thing . . . Fun, Fun, FUN ! ! !
Summer means ... All the things
you remember doing as you were
growing up during those warm
months. Or the things you did
in the past with the ones you
love. Think about it. Building
sand castles. Children running --
laughing. Sitting in the sun.
Reading a book. Listening to
birds sing. Splashing water
by a poolside. And shopping.
To shop in air conditioned stores.
Those are some summer things.

plus ...

With Every Turn Of The Page
There Is A Song.
Wait -- For It To Arrive.
And Adjust ... your volume.
c. 2002 - Totally Cool . All RIghts Reserved
"The Official Editorial Authority"
For A Look Around
RED Links Are Hot !
On the road
what happens next.
Many do not realize that the Summer extends itself "a Full Season", from June into September in many Lands.
And as we said the Summer of 2002 will be different. When it nears the end and as people go through it: it
rises to be so different from every other Summer any modern generation has ever seen. Summer 2002 does
include what is "the 1 year mark" to that which history now knows as 9/11. "September 11, 2002" is the
1 year Anniversary of The World Trade Center towers disaster. That is what the Summer of 2002
is. At least - in Reality. So for the many who feel deep inside and for the many who have suffered and for
those that are suffering ... around the World you go out and do something nice for someone. Remember
who you are - what you are - and what you are supposed to be. That is one thing and one thing above all: a
human being. That is what you should be. When we remember this -- maybe people will help preserve the
things that Life gave us: each other. Peering out into the night sky seeing the many stars on a warm summer's
night. We hope all people learn to live with each other instead of destroying each other. You never know,
one day someone may do something nice for you. Now go splash the water, yea ! Have fun. Run and laugh
on the beach. Have a picnic or a barbecue. And remember. Don't just stand there. Turn the page ! Go have
Fun. Do it for those who can not and hope that you would. Preserve Life. Live. The Summer of 2002.
For communities around the World
the Summer of 2002 will be all of
that . . . and much much more
Heather Mills stops in to visit New
York City Firemen. For a Big Hello.

photo by
The World Financial Center and shopping Plaza at The World Trade Center. Photo by
Richard Renda
Want to do
some Shopping ?.
Special Section
What To Say

Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

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