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by David Hebble
The Yoga Master

Greg Orvis started practicing yoga
as a warm up exercise for his Tae
Kwon Do classes without even
knowing it when he was only 11
years old and by age 17 he had
reached the level of "Black Belt".
He has grown up since then
and walked the walk. Greg
Models professionally, with
a hand in acting. Both in front
of the camera as well as on the
consulting side. Greg Orvis is
a highly sought after Yoga Master.
An instructor of sorts. He gets
hundreds of dollars for a session
with one or two others. Yet is
known for giving classes for free
on the Miami Beach.
Greg Greg is a true Native of New
York City. His mom gave birth to
Greg at The Women's Hospital in
downtown Manhattan. The Orvis
family has been a part of New
York and American heritage
since 1625. And yes ... it is the
same Orvis family that is known
for quality sporting goods as
well as their famed Orvis catalog.
Greg Orvis works hard at what
he wants and achieves the goals
that are set. As we can see for
ourselves. He has appeared in
Oliver Stone's movie "Any Given
Sunday" and has also done
background work in Spike Lee's
"25th Hour." According to Greg
the best book for you to read if
you want to learn about Yoga is
"Light On Yoga" by Iwengar.
Special Section
Happy Birthday From
The Heart.

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The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

Put To Bed
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