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The Showroom Circuit
photo by David Hebble
Guest Yoga Master: Greg Orvis
Photos for Thought
by David Hebble
The Yoga Master
c. 2002 Photos for Thought by David Hebble. All rights reserved.
The Yoga Master Greg Orvis.
We asked Greg for a simple yoga
position and routine you can do at
home, in the office, or anywhere
for that matter.

A few times a week you can try a
position like this and slowly bend
over from the waist to reach for
the floor. As you come close to
the floor face your palms down.
When you can touch the floor
palms down, legs straight, that is
the position. Leave your arms up
over over your head for a minute or
two and think about breathing in a
relaxing easy pattern. That which
is comfortable for you. If you can
reach the floor hold the position for
a few minutes and think about
breathing comfortably. Relax but
concentrate. Now stand up,
Breath a moment. And you will
feel better. Something like this
can take the edge off of your daily
stress and make the day a little
If you can not reach the floor at
first do not worry about it. Just
finish the routine "palms down".
Each time you do this meditation
you can bend for the floor more.
And eventually you will touch it
with your palms down. Take your
time. You will get there.

Yoga is not a competition, it is a
concentration. It is a way to feel
yourself within and get to know who
you are. A way to touch a moment
of peace.
Special Section
Happy Birthday From
The Heart.

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