This is the Fashion
Tent in New York City.
But it looks like a car
showroom, doesn't it ?

We know. The new
slogan is "If you don't
drive a Mercedes you
can't be in Fashion."
(Sorry, I don't think so.)

Malice of Fashion

You have got to Love
this Man. Something
private some of us
laugh about. But
that's a whole
other story.

And a picture does
speak a thousand
words. Funny.

Life Is About Timing.
Why it is and why
things happen. John -
you are z best. There
is "a great story" here.
But to you I must say:
a mountain of Thanks.

In the Year 2002 --
After this week on the
New York Fashion
Circuit, Fern made
many people feel ...
Like this. Totally.

Photo by Richard
Renda. Innovative and
inspiring John Corbett,
Sex and The City.

On Page Music Credit:
"Beyond The Sands"
Richard david Renda
TWOG Rockers
Private Stock Records
Each Fashion Season during the showing of the New York collections, some time through
the week, I try to pause and rub Elsa's shoulders. She is a well respected hard working
woman. Some may tend to forget the "hard working" part, only seeing her Celebrity status
and what she can do for them. Elsa, in 8 years, has taught me something ultimately important.
What it was is this ... No matter where you are on the Ladder of Life, on the top or on the
bottom (or somewhere in between), it makes no difference. Every person likes to be treated
as: a human being. It brings with it a Smile that you can not buy.
Elsa Klensch - Style Maven of The World. Elsa dedicated
many years to CNN (Cable News Network) reporting as The Lady
on the Scene. Her voice is one heard by the masses and shall
never be forgotten by us or the countless others who love her.
And ... the Word tells tale that Elsa has new projects on
the horizon. Stay tuned.

Tid bit note. We love the composition
of the picture immediately above.
Because of that face sticking in the
picture on the left side. So noted.
Another hard working human being.
That is John, long time photographer
(Lensman) for the trade publication
WWD (Women's Wear Daily).
An Inside Look -
New York City
and the Peoples
that make it
We'll Be Back ! ! !
7th on Sixth Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2002
Fern -- when you
make a Friend an
Enemy, in that
War you find
a message.
We are all Travelers
through Time and
Space. If that were
not true: the next
photo would not
exist. But it

In a certain time
and place. As
Nature might say:

Let the Games
begin ! ! !
The 4 Standards
1. Quality
2. Durability
3. Good Value
4. Great Fun

If You Want To Capture The World,
capture it with a net --
A ToTaLLy CoOL Net !


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Manuel Fernandez
Actress Natasha Lyonne and Seventh House angel Mandie Erickson at Sotheby's ...
Imitation of Christ.

Fall Winter 2002 / 2003
TV Personality -- Ananda Lewis. (Hey Ananda -- that footage was
completely adorable. I could kiss you. So subtle. A Big Hug and
Lots of Love always. Totally, RIchard.)
Izabella Miko and girlfriends for Christina Perrin at The Roxy, NYC.
Where we come from.
Where we are going.
Histories Preserved.

All photos by Richard Renda
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