Okay, get a sense of this. Like we said, "a tid bit" of what goes on in this Capital of The World.
Look at the first Custo picture in this section. Notice the ceiling. There are no pipes. That
photo was cleaned up and all the pipes were taken out. A visual pleasure. But remember,
that took a lot of work. If you look -- you see in the other pictures from that same venue: ugly
pipes. Here is the point ... a Fashion Designer must pay $11,000 ... $12,000 ... and $17,000
to show at The Puck Building through IMG (7th on Sixth) and it is said those people charge
$45,000 for a Fashion Designer to show in the small venue at the tent in Bryant Park. (That
does not include the Public Relations Company and it is only for about a 2 hour usage of the
space.) You would think for that $12,000 or $17,000 they could put cheap material (or fabric)
up to cover the ceiling pipes for you. And of course we know, where there is a will ... there is
a way. Maybe next time. All in all: History was still preserved.

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