Also as a note in History. For "a first" in New York
Fashion. Zang Toi's brother came out to the press
riser pre show and gave the working press a "gift
bag." When they were all in shock and saying
how no one ever cared before, Mr.Toi's brother said:
"You are the heros." If it was not for Judy Rice, a
great stage manager, the press would be left in the
dark. Judy cares to tell everyone how many pieces
will be in a show and exactly what the lighting will
be like. Thanks Judy. You are not forgotten either.
The Original
Home of
"Always Good News
All The Time."
What is Totally Cool about You ?
If You Want To Capture The
World, capture it with a net --
A ToTaLLy CoOL Net !

Cool is a Word in the
English Language that
"expresses Emotion."
It describes -- "things
that we like."

The 4 Standards
1. Quality
2. Durability
3. Good Value
4. Great Fun

The Editorial Project

presented by:
Stylists & Company, NYC
Last MInute Productions
c. 1994 - 2002 ...
in association with
EV Productions.
Then there is this thing Called.
Totally Cool ...
Totally Cool is not necessarily "Trendy,"
Totally Cool is about "Something that comes from the Heart."

Patricia Field and John Corbett ... HBO's Sex in The City (and a lot of Fun).
This is very special. Happy Birthday Patricia !
Yes this is really Fashion History ... (But, not really.)
It is the History of a Community of People, the
City of The World -- New York City.
Live ! ! ! From the catwalk (aka the runway) of
The Zang Toi Fashion Show February 13, 2002.
The Press Corps Elite singing
Happy Birthday
to Patricia Field.
Not to whisper away into the
wind. Forever preserved and remembered ... for
others to also enjoy. That is History. The Fall
Winter Collections 2002 / 2003.
Photos by Richard david Renda
c. 2002. All rights reserved.
Welcome. This is just a litlle tid bit of what manifested during New York City's Fashion Week
February 2002. It will actually give you a feel for what comes in the future ... as "Totally Cool
Takes You There." Also this is a little "thank you" to all the hard working models, all the
workers who are usually overlooked, the men in black who are friends, the party goers
-and- all the Fashion Designers and PR People who refused to partake in:
The Cartel of "6".
Fashion and The Fashion World does not belong to any one person. It belongs to you
and me and every person -- every woman, every man, every child who wakes up and
goes to their closet or pulls open their drawer and says "What am I going to wear today ?"
Clothes and fashion are about you, the creativity of "you", and ... what is your style --
How you want to put things together. A red tie or a blue one, with a pattern or
without. A pink blouse or a white one, a long dress or a short dress, maybe pants.
"You decide." When someone stops you from seeing all that the World has to offer
you no longer decide. And you lose your Freedom. You are the Community
and everyone is a part of it.

The what Fashion is really all about. And ... ahhhh, so much more.
Custo Barcelona
Whimsical and colorful
Always making
a Statement.
Custo Barcelona
Imitation of Christ
. . . at Sotheby's
Make a bid ! Going once, going twice,
sold to the man wearing the vest.
Monica Lewinsky
The Always hip
Luca Luca.

Fall / Winter 2002 - 2003
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