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Last MInute Productions
c. 1994 - 2002 ...
in association with
EV Productions.
The Music Credit:
Vanessa Mae
Virgin Records

Emilio Cavallini
Amazing !
Imagine clothes without any seams.
Imitation of Christ
Dramatic and Unique.
Welcome to "The Vortex in
Time." Did you expect
anything less ???
Who said we're not --
hard working Press ?

Stan Herman, CFDA
1993-2002 President of
the Council of Fashion
Designers of America
and his Dog.

Hey Kathy - As you see the
teeth of this dog remember:
he is not smiling. Appearing
friendly -- you will get bit !
Under The Lights . . .
Fall Winter 2002 - 2003
Where we are going.
Where we come from.
Emilio Cavallini
Clothes without seams.
photos by Richard Renda / Totally Cool .
All Rights Reserved.
Brilliant ! ! !
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