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Rachel and Jim
While everyone else is chasing fame we are documenting your History. Roots provided
the official dresswear (uniforms) for the USA Team during the Olympic 2002 Winter Games.
Someone should say thanks to these people. So ... for all the American people -- we say,
"Thank you." As a side note Roots has for the last 3 Winter Olympics been the official
uniform for the Canadian Team (and unofficially for the British teams). Americans never
said "they did not know good Style" when they see it. Part of our Roots.
Explorations held at The Hudson Theater on 44 th Street between
Avenue of the Americas and Broadway. A collection of 5 new young
designers. Sponsored by Jet Blue Airlines, Conair, Orbit gum,
Hue Hosiery and O P (a unique blend of Spirits) from
those people who bring you Absolut --
photos by
Richard Renda / Totally Cool .
All Rights Reserved.
Come on In ...
Take At Look --
Hey ! ! ! He's takin' a shot --

Wait a minute. What Is "A Look" ???

No. That is not a mannequin. It is a live Model. Another special blend. Live Models and
Still Life Displays showing in The Rockefeller Center Store environment.
This is the Nautica Look.

Celebrating opening night of the Olympic Games with some old friends. In Soho on Prince and Lafayette.
In Classic Form.
Yeohlee -- a Seventh Avenue Designer ... showing ... on Seventh Avenue.
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