photos by Richard Renda / Totally Cool .
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Price To Pay

On Page Music Credit:
Virgin Records America
Lenny Kravitz
The Original
Home of
"Always Good News
All The Time."
Cool is a Word in the
English Language that
"expresses Emotion."
It describes -- "things
that we like."

Let The Party Begin ! ! !
Can not do that without the real Party
Girl. So ... here she is. Susanne
Bartsch. Partying at the China Club
in New York City's Theater District.
It's a Family a-ffair ,,,
This is Susanne's husband and her son.
David Barton, David Barton Gyms.
Lypsinka joining the Fun at the China Club. Do you notice anything
extremely interesting about this photo of Lypsinka ???
Richie Rich
at The China Club . . .
Celeb Photog . . . Patrick McMullen.
Who Are You ... And What Do You Want ???
I want you to say "T o t a l l y Cool ."
Lenswoman Roxanne Lowit
and Calvin (Klein).

You Know ... A leg Up ... is ... as Tempting as ... a Helping Hand.
Nice boots Lady.

Talk about a Tease.
The Party Continues . . .
If we were really looking.
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