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Here is another very special moment. "Go Silk" has been a part of the 20th Century innovation
in Clothes and they have returned to begin their showing in The New Millennium. Go Silk made
washable silk a part of a person's everyday wardrobe. They are about Silk and the mixing of all
kinds of other materials. And -- they are: affordable. This show was held in a penthouse Loft
space on 40th Street that had a walk pass window (as you will see), which made the models
look like they were part of a picture ... framed for another point of view. Go Silk !
In the Year 2002 / 2003 ... going forward.
Fashion in New York . . . showing Fall Winter 2002 / 2003
The Designer Experience.
photos by Richard Renda / Totally Cool .
All Rights Reserved.
The Best Experience for a Designer is when
the Model loves showing your clothes ...
Then it is always a job well done.
Everyone has a lot of Fun ! ! !
Go Silk.
Where we come from. Where we are going.
Winter 2002 / 2003.

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