Yes -- The Doctor Is In ! This is A BIG BIG Congratulations to everyone at the
Silhouette Eyewear Company. Yea ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Now I can say something.
For the last year or so we have been sitting on the knowledge that
Silhouette has been "unofficially" the preferred sunglasses
(and eyeglasses) of those Astronauts in Space.
Well, here it is: Silhouette is now "The
Official Eyewear of the NASA
Space Program."

Our hats are off to you. Silhouette ...
for when you want to see Life the way it really is.
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Dr. Keith Manuel - The "official" Ophthalmologist overseeing the NASA International Space Station and
various Space projects visits New York City in person to take us out of this World. He gave a private
screening of a top secret video to a select elite group of the Press. Held at the Bryant Park Hotel.
Luca Luca
at the Bryant Park Tent, New York City.
This is the larger venue they call ... The Theater.
in The Gallery.
Fall Winter 2002 / 2003
Donna Karan showing DKNY
A Big HELLO to Christy Hood and a very special Thank You
to all the Models who made this show work.
Mark Montano
at the Roger Williams Hotel (on Madison Avenue).
South of the Border
photos by
Richard Renda / Totally Cool .
All Rights Reserved.
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The Donna
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