"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
September 5, 2002
To The Portal Opening
Music credit:
Forever Young
Baby Jane Dexter
Ross Patterson on Piano

" Moments In Time "
Richard Renda
c. 2002
All rights reserved.
The Core.
Ground Zero.
The World Trade
Center post 9/11,
2001. The far side
is Church Street.
This is a view of what all the riders sitting atop their horses see.
Sheriff Jim Kraylik closes The Ride4America Event by asking everyone
present to repeat after Him the 6 Words that have been The Code of
The Buffalo Calvery Soldiers for hundreds of years. These are them.
Respect ... Family ... Community ... Duty ... Honor ... Country.
In that order is how they were recited.
The Mr. Kraylik of Rockland Country was so
prepared for this day he brought his own Taps.
Cabaret Legend Baby Jane Dexter begins to sing God Bless America
a cappella. And many voices come together. Male and female alike.
Some of those present to greet the arrival of The 4 Horseman. A Ride4America. Baby Jane Dexter,
famed Cabaret and Concert Performing Artist comes to the podium to speak about being a New Yorker
and -- working with the youths at VisionQuest. Baby Jane sings Bob Dylan's "Forever Young."
Mounted Uniform Officer listens
to the words of "Forever Young."
Tim Myers, one of the 4 Horsemen guiding the Oklahoma Riderless
Horse, comes out of the line ... to front and center. There he moved
closer to listen to Baby Dexter. Honoring the words she sings.
Completing another Chapter in The Book.
As it all comes together in the City of the World.
Baby Jane Dexter singing "Forever Young."
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