"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
September 5, 2002
To The Portal Opening
New York State
Rockland County
Sheriff Jim Kraylik
continues with
The Message:
Opening Statement
"Welcome" ...

"Moments In Time" photos by
Richard david Renda
c. 2002 - all rights reserved.
A Journey through Time and
- Riding Into Ground Zero -
Flags with many beasts are lifted up into the wind.
You can see one flag with two beasts,
an eagle's head, and body.

And you can see another flag
with a flying creature and its wings spread.

The riders, sitting atop of their
horses, are riding along where 2
one hundred and ten story Towers
were. Each rider is elevated above
the ground, on their horses, looking
down into a huge broken concrete
pit. A trying time at the emotional
level for anyone to deal with.
Jason Summers
Sonny Malone
Tim Myers
Gary Conger
At ... ARMS !
Notice flags are forward. Not "at ease."
The tribute event commences.
New Jersey resident,
Robyn Christine,
who rode with the 4
horsemen sings the
Star Spangled Banner
to begin, then ...
Mayor Michael Bloomberg was busy getting ready for a NFL Football and Fashion Show in Times Square and
he could not find the 15 minutes to appear. However, sheriff Lindsey Eason did have the courtesy to appear as
Mayor Bloomberg's replacement. He offered regrets and extended his heartfelt warm wishes. Destinies.
History writes of what will
be called.
The 4 Horsemen
Tim Myers ... having ridden thousands of miles, directly from the
heart of earth's northern hemisphere, to reach this moment and land
is called to speak. He dismounts, walks 15 feet forward, takes his
hat off, kneels down ... and kisses the ground.
Port Authority
Lt. Michael
And they were called
out in this order Sonny
Malone, Tim Myers,
Jason Summers, and
Gary Conger.
Port Authority
Tom Kennedy
Tim Myers presents Tom and Mike with a
"Proclamation of Unity." The Proclamation
carried from Oklahoma declared by their
State Governor observes
a bond of understanding
the loss of life.
4 Horsemen carried a tree across a Nation to New York to bring hope and new growth. City Parks Department
representatives take the tree also presented by Rider Tim Myers to be planted on the grounds of what is the Future.
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