"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
September 5, 2002
To The Portal Opening
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A Tribute continues. There came a day when Fulfillment
found Completion. There were the signs.

Written is a Thank You. "THANK YOU FOR NEVER
GIVING UP. We Will Never Forget Them.
We Will Never Forget You."
Ground Zero.
The World Trade Center.
The south end of what is called "The Pit" in New York City. The City of Cities.
The City of the World.

Ground Zero Riderless Horse reverse boots, garments, crown, and golden chest plate.
Rockland County Sheriff Jim Kraylik removes fallen firefighter's reverse boots from the Ground Zero
Riderless Horse and bestows them in trust to the New York Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief. The Deputy
Chief Salutes Sheriff Kraylik. Mr. Kraylik returns the salute. And the NYFD Deputy Fire Chief holds in hand
the boots.
This writer had to show these pictures so none would ever forget. A day in the Hearts of many. Remembering
both ... civilian people and workers, and, all the uniform employees who acted unselfishly to help save the lives
of thousands of others. If you look at these pictures of the NYFD Deputy Chief (counter clockwise) you can
actually feel the emotion he is going through. Looking at the picture below you see on the right side of the
Deputy Chief's face, by his chin, all the muscles are tensed to maximum intensity.
The Spirit feels for all.
Port Authority Lt. Michael Brogan and Officer Thomas Kennedy receive from Sheriff Kraylik the Jumpsuit of
a fellow Port Authority worker and the shirt of a civilian who died on September 11, 2001.
This Space will have no picture.
It shall remain empty to represent
the thousands of people who died
on that fateful day called
September 11. Year 2001.
Plaques of "appreciation" were given to The NYPD Highway 1 Division, the Port Authority
Mounted Police, and Operations, from Rockland County's Sheriff Jim Kraylik for keeping
the City flowing during a time of crisis.
The Ground Zero Riderless Horse ... delivered the package. Carrying now only the message of History.
"Moments In Time"
photos by Richard Renda
c. 2002 - all rights reserved.
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