"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
September 2002
To The Portal Opening
Music credit:
Born In The USA
Bruce Springsteen
Columbia Records

" Moments In Time "
Richard david Renda
c. 2002 - All rights reserved.
... and the Riders in Company. The VisionQuest National youths and
adults, The Buffalo Soldiers, The Nation Frontier of Riders, NYPD
Mounted Officers, and the Port Authority Mounted Officiers.
Completing The Journey. A Revelation Reality. Full Circle.
- Sgt. Major Gaines -
In the Pit. What was also a
Reality in the Year 2001.
The Lake of Fire.
The Words that mean so much
to human life. Earth to Earth.
Dust to Dust.
In The End.
They came by Beast ... by Machine ... and by Foot.
A New Beginning.
Hope is an empty glass filled with nothing
but air space ... unless there is "Action"
put behind it. This Pictorial Adventure is
the Living Proof.
There is much Hope.
The 4 Horsemen
This is the East Side of The World Trade Center. This is "Ground Zero." And this IS "Church Street."
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