The road where the World Trade Center is -- what used to be the Courtyard
Square and where The Sphere was kept -- that long strip of road between
The World Trade Center and Century 21 is called. Wake up people. It is
Called ... "Church" street.

Life is writing its own History. In living color. Where the "viewing platform"
to The Pit that burned with a lake of fire in the City of the World for months
is, that southeast corner, it is called "Church" and "Liberty" (streets). A
reality. And why was this event you are about to embark on kept such
a secret ? What is it that certain people may not want YOU to know ???
Think about it. It is your Life. And it is all about one thing. The Truth. The
"absolute truths." The most important thing you should know. The City of
the World, New York City, is also known as: "The City of Lies and Liars."
But that will change when it realizes its Destiny ... so again it too can be
what it should be. The Vortex In Time. Where it all comes together. The
Home of Ulitmate goodness. ToTaLLy CoOL

And with great people like those featured here at this Special Event, those
who fulfill Life's mysteries, you have to know ... you could be on the road to
a better Future. The Message is simple. "Keep the Faith."

Kindness. It can go a long way. Now take the Journey ...

The Portal opening
... with clouds ...
"Ride 4 America"
The White Building (above) is called "Century 21."
Music Credit:
The Beatles
Capitol Records

A Journey that has taken millions of
years to come about brings the 4
horsemen from the middle of a grand
majestic Land as they travel over a
thousand miles to reach a City that
is the City of all Cities. A massive
City with towering buildings of glass,
gleaming lights that look like strings
of pearls on bridges with big red rubies
on its gates, and streets that sparkle
day and night. A City like no other
found on planet Earth. 4 horses and
horsemen guiding a riderless horse
were attempting to reach a place that
was called "Ground Zero." It was holy
ground. And now a cemetery where
thousands of people from all spiritual
backgrounds lost their lives because
of what are the passions, the hates,
and the greeds of mankind. There
was a romance. A romance with two
towers that were watching over a great
lady who stood upon the sea. She had
a name. And her name was called ...
The place where "the tallest structures in the World" once stood
and then became a pit and lake of fire, and the blood of humanity.
When the journey is complete a Rider from one of The 4 Horses
who traveled the road of destiny will give, handoff to another
human being -- the spurs from the boots of a path known as Fate,
while the reflection of the majestic City embeds an everlasting
memory in his eyes. Emotion will run through all the peoples.
And many will see what it means. To feel beyond what you think.
This all sounds like good "Science Fiction". With the implication
of the Mystics it becomes an even greater Myth. What if it was
not science fiction ? What if it were real ??? Now put yourself in
the shoes of those who live it. See what it is like for you to be in
A Time of Legends. What you may learn is the revelation reality.
"A Myth is different from a Legend." Here is the legend of "The 4
horses and the 4 horsemen." Such are those the chosen and
those that are called. To enter. The Gates of The City.
A Pictorial

david Renda
6 foot oil by World Trade Center Artist Anthony Martinez
16 acres Downtown New York City
"Moments In Time"
Richard david Renda
c. 2002
All rights reserved.
VisionQuest, The Buffalo Soldiers, and company
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