"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
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Music credit:
Deja Vu
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Atlantic Records

Moments In Time
by Richard david Renda
"Signed 4"
c. 2002 - All rights reserved.
Vision Quest - Major Gaines
World Trade Center Artist
Anthony Martinez
Nationally Recognized Cabaret and Concert
Performer Baby Jane Dexter

Bob (Robert) Burton - VisionQuest National
This is my only way of
giving a little something
back to those who gave
their all. Here is "a
Special Thank You."
From The Heart.
This Portal Slate in Time and Space will forever
remain Dedicated ... to all of the chosen who
experience this Event. And to all those who
participated in making it happen.
For you, we were
there. So let it be
written ... so let it
be done.
Gary Conger
Tim Myers
Sonny Malone
Have you ever met someone you have seen a thousand times,
even though you have never seen them before ???
If that makes any sense.
Jason Summers
The City on Earth where Daylight shines at Night. At Ground Zero.
In Memory.
" He shows by example what commitment, loyalty,
respect, pride, and family are all about "
"I feel when I work with kids that
I am part of the battle to show there
is a bigger value in finding out who
you are and what you have to offer
others. There is small value in what
you can do to show up others by
having more stuff or an attitude of
cruelty and one-up-manship."
Baby Jane Dexter

An extra "thank you" to Heidi Coons
and Laurie Schechter. For all your help.
Also a mention and shout
out to: "The National
Frontier of Riders."
Thank you for
being with us.
Down Battle road to the river they came, crossed over the bridge to extinguish my name.

It was Concord in April, a shot heard round the world, when the minutemen rose, a new beginning unfurled.
The words of a song by Francis Scott Key, were inspired by the hope that this land was still free.
Men shed their blood throughout that long night, but my symbol still hung in the dawn's early light.
When Santa Anna stormed the small mission walls, his army was repelled by the volunteers all.
With pride the 100 chose freely to die, "Remember the Alamo" remains a battle cry.
At Gettysburg and Shiloh costly battles raged -- the combatants, often brothers, for equality they waged.
I stood with the Sioux against Custard's will, I rode with Colonel Teddy up San Juan Hill.
Through two global wars my presence was felt, in Korea with Communism, I successfully dealt.
Vietnam was different, but still men died, my long standing principles were not put aside.
The Persian Gulf, Sadam Hussein, Bin Laden, the Taliban, the goal was the same.
They tried to divide the heart and soul of this land, but in God we trust, and united we stand.
The desire to preserve, and keep me alive -- has triumphantly conquered since 1775
So remember that freedom and the Red, White and Blue, has an illustrious history from Liberty's View.

From Liberty's View
by Jimmy Rogers
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