"Ride 4 America" New York City 2002
A Historical Event
September 5, 2002
To The Portal Opening
Music credit:
Guns In The Sky
Atlantic Records

A horse carries a man, a woman, children, and supplies across mountains, valleys, and deserts
to build a Land that is far beyond a time when people thought the Earth was flat. Four men travel
to a place called The World Trade Center Ground Zero. The gear one needs to make a journey
thousands of miles by horse becomes personal and you do get attached. Gary Conger having
traveled from the Oklahoma State climbs down off his horse while overlooking "Footprints" of
where towers once stood. With his twin brother watching, to New York City, Gary bestows a
token of appreciation that will always represent something we all understand. For all of us it is
called ... The Journey.
"Moments In Time"
photos by Richard david
c. 2002 - all rights reserved.
A Special Moment.
4 Horsemen Rider -- Gary Conger -- unbuckles the riding spurs he wore on The Journey Across a Nation.
Gary gives spurs to New York City. Looking at his eyes you can see what it really looks like to have human
feelings and to have value in Life. A myriad of feelings rise for the living and the dead. Gary should know on
this day ... he was not alone. He was a New Yorker.
Gary Conger turns his head and takes a breath, gathering the strength to fight back any tears that
want to be present.
The "Ground Zero Riderless Horse" led by a Buffalo Soldier on foot. He carries the personal items
representing the seemingly senseless lives lost and the value of celebrating, honoring, those lives lived. The
horse with a Golden Heart carries the
reverse boots paying tribute to the firefighters who have passed away.
IF ... you look closely in Gary's eyes you can see the reflecting images of what he is looking at. You can see
two black towering structures in each eye. If you want to know exactly what he is looking at. It is the picture
below. Nothing more need be said. You see what we see. As you take The Journey too.
Amanda Tweedie
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