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Richard Renda
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On this night - YOU ARE in the City of the World, New York City. As angels come from the Clouds of
Heaven. It is dark, wet, and rainy outside. But in The Light of it all what comes to be is: Victoria's
Secret ... Victoria's Secret Angels. How is that possible ? One answer - Life is Magical. This is the
evidence to prove it. Images by Steven Di Leo. Photo Director: on the scene - Richard david Renda.
Totally Cool
The First Decade 1994 - 2004
The Magazine 2005 - 2006
Into The Future
Main Issue
A Salute to
Victoria's Secret.

A Salute to the
Victoria's Secret
Angels. A Salute
to CBS-TV. And
a Salute to the
World. As we
have: A Look.
A Look that
shows what is ...
Victoria's Secret.
Sweet, fun,
modern, cutting
edge. Here we
have a Look at
it all.
photos by Steve Di Leo
Editorial Director - Richard Renda
special Thanks to "Full Picture."
And The Show ...
Goes ON ! ! !
The show continues ... with a final Salute. A Salute to Tyra Banks.
Tyra Banks. We Salute You ! ! ! And wish you the very best
in all your endeavors going forward.
Tyra Banks, holding the Victoria's Secret Scepter, as she begins what is called
her final Fashion Runway appearance. Have a Look.
On The Runway.
The many looks of ... Victoria's Secret.
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