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What is Victoria's Secret ???
Victoria's Secret is that The Secret appears in -- a certain Time. One very
particular Time. In Human Culture. In a generation when Electricity exists.
A generation when computers, cameras, and video recorders are there.
A time when all the tools come to be -- to preserve many grand Truths. Life
in its perfection. A time like no other that has ever shown itself to exist on
the Planet before. A time known to the minds of profound intellect and
intelligence. A time seen throughout all the eons of space as something
special, unique. A time in the Universe called: a vortex. Specifically. "The
Vortex In Time." A moment in evolution and in creation when all things come
together. The whole Universe unfolds like a .zip file. And in that time what
Victoria's Secret is -- it is a time when Victoria's Secret actually proves ... that:
Angels are real. That Angels are real in a 3-Dimensional World. For you to live
the experience. At that moment in time you get to do one thing. You get to ...
See. And no one gets
to prove it like this.

This is Victoria's Secret.
Beauty, sexy, and, sensual. From The Gates of Heaven. As it appears in The City of the World. Down to Earth.
We need not tell you that when looking for a gift at any time of year -- there is little that compares
with Victoria's Secret. Women's clothing, lingerie, and accessories. In stores Worldwide. And
available online. This presentation is a still life dedication to the television special hosted by
WCBS-TV. As a Matter of Histories preserved. Victoria's Secret photos by Steven Di Leo.
Now showing the 2005 - 2006 Holiday Special. Let's Have a Look !
Angels with Wings.
In Motion.
The Baby Doll.
The Super Heroes
- With Grace -
The Photographer
is Steven Di Leo

photo editor:
Richard Renda
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