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Victoria's Secret has a range of clothing that is good for any occasion. Day or night. You can view their
wide selection and accessories in stores in majoy Cities and on the web. You can use any worldwide
search engine on the earth and easily for Victoria's Secret. A secret to behold. VictoriasSecret.com
The Photo Director is ... Richard Renda. The Lensman is Steve Di Leo.
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Angels In The
Victoria's Secret. On The Runway. Whenever you have a chance and the time to see Victoria's Secret it is special
for many reasons. For people to pause and see such an amazing production it is ... A Holiday Treat. This story is
dedicated to the Victoria's Secret Angels. Many times people work hard and look their best to make this come alive.
And also it is many times people just see the Visual and forget to say Thank You. So this is a little "Thank You" to all
the ladies who bring to you this simple pleasure. Something called. Let's have A Look. Totally Together.
A Holiday Celebration. In the company of Angels ... Victoria's Secret Angels. For you to enjoy the show.
"Totally Cool ... Takes You There."
Victoria's Secret. In New York City.
images by Steve Di Leo
Photo Director ... Richard Renda
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