Myths and Legends should start
with a fact. It is a fact a State in
the Northeastern part of America
found "a new" species of mosquito
not native to the land. The warning
was printed in type like you see
now. But at the bottom of the first
paragraph this was printed and get
this ... it was the only sentence
printed in Bold type. "Although a
human biting mosquito
it is not
to transmit human
disease organisms in nature
in the United States." Yeah right,
don't believe that ! It is still
believed" by some that the fact is
"mosquitos carry a virus which
does kill people." There are even
some people that would like to sell
you danger and say "
A.I.D.S. is
not believed to have a virus" that
can kill your kids and everyone --
anyone else. Belief can kill you
and it has killed many. Facts
make it so you can Live. Facts
do not need Belief, they are. Fact.
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The worker calling from somewhere in the lush
Northeast United States said with concern,
"There are thousands of dead Ladybugs on the
ground and the mosquitos are still flying around."
This is what happened from chemical spraying.
I always ask when was the last time you saw a
Butterfly ? We should be careful of what we kill.
The Mosquito War
- To Myths and Legends -
Facts ...
Mosquito West Nile Virus "ground zero" where it
began in the United States is: New York. Within
4 months the virus spread from New York to
Maryland. And by mid-winter 2000 the West Nile
reached south as far as Texas. Mid - Summer.
Year 2000. The West Nile mosquito virus was
found in dead birds north 2 miles of the Canadian
border. The Future waits for nobody. A chain
reaction. It just keeps going. And it multiplies.
Knowing the facts can keep you safe or as
we say, it keeps you ... at "minimum risk."
There are many species of mosquitos. It is said
there are more than 50 species resistant to at
least one insecticide or another. Mosquitos can
locate you or their target within 25 to 40 feet
or better. Male mosquitos do not suck blood.
At least not in the beginning of the Years 2000.
Mosquitos like to feed (bite) in early morning
hours and evening hours. But beware they can
bite at any time. And it is also said that they
may even go as far as to mimic their host's time
schedule; whether it is a human, a dog, a cat,
birds, horses, etc. --
The virus transmits as easy as a mosquito biting
a bird. The virus having circulated in that bird's
blood for a few days while other mosquitos feed
on it transfers again via the mosquitos to other
birds and so on. A big problem. You might think
you can get away from the mosquito in Alaska.
But I am told -and there is proof to indicate- the
Mosquitos are plenty big there also.
You can not get West Nile encephalitis in
the early years 2000 from another person.
Although, Simplex virus also known as the
herpes virus can give you encephalitis. West
Nile encephalitis virus is of the same virus
family. And encephalitis is by Fact "deadly."
Encephalitis. In effect: swelling of the brain.
Like putting a size 9 foot in a size 7 shoe. Ouch.
That is a perfect example of a
Factual Myth in bold type. Official.
"Not believed." No less coming
from those representing a State
in America. What the statement
is really saying when it says, "not
believed" is someone wants you to
buy into a false sense of security.
Later they'll say, "Oh Sorry it was
a Myth." "We believed." Learn this:
"we believe" and the famous "we
do not believe" "statements" do not
to mean it is true. It only
means: "it is not a Fact" -and- "we
suspect." If taken most correctly it
means: we "believe",
"we don't
have a clue."
As to The Fact...
Recognize a Myth when you see
one or hear one. It is different from
A Legend.
Remember Myths and
Legends. When you
hear someone say "not
known to be harmful
to humans" did they
neglect to say "but it is
true it may harm you in
years to come or even
kill you" ? Make sure
your local officials are
telling everything. Even
what they do not know
and do not want to tell.
Music Playing:
The Ten Commandments
Soundtrack on MCA.

Myths and Legends.
Regarding saltwater and
marshlands. Individuals
may claim there is no
evidence mosquitos in
marshlands and near
saltwater areas carry the
West Nile virus. Excuse
Me ? That is like saying
"only" gay men, Haitians
and IV drug users can
get A.I.D.S. Which "is"
what governments did
say in the 1980's. With
the greater awareness
you have today we know
that is not true. Children
and our elderly die of
A.I.D.S., as so can you.
The first call I received
alerting of the mosquito
having gone active was
about 2 weeks before
authorities got the point.
The person asked "what
is going on ? There are
200 to 300 dead crows in
the parking lot. Crows are
one of the heartiest birds
that exists." I will not say
what township they were
calling from. Except that:
It was A Saltwater Town.
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