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Understanding the many situations in which you can
get bit by a mosquito we can offer no guarantees,
except that you will have all the information you need
to be aware and not to get bit. The rest is up to you.
If you follow the basic rules absolute, like wearing
long sleeve shirts, the possibility that you, your family,
or your loved ones will get bit will be maintained at a
"minimum risk level." If for any reason any part of your
clip-on mosquito repellent device, the switch or other
operating functions is not working upon receipt, due
to any manufacturer defect, contact your Personal
Protection Device representative and have it replaced
ToTaLLy CoOL >>> Awareness and Prevention -- plus The Clip-on Electronic Mosquito Repellent.
If You Are A Person Who does not want to spray chemicals
on your body or on your children: The Clip-on Repellent is
a perfect "assist" for your situation. We recommend if you
live on the shorelines, in areas where there is a high density
of Mosquitos, or in areas where the West Nile Virus HAS
BEEN FOUND use an oil or a natural herb base repellent,
wear long sleeve shirts and long pants for extra security
from killer Mosquitos, in addition to your personal protection
device electronic mosquito repellent. However oils, sprays,
or herbal base products will only help until the oil drys or
scents fade. The Clip-on Electronic Mosquito Repellent
is consistent. When they are on, they are on. Take your
"Personal Protection Device" to work, to school, to play and
to sleep. Know to keep one around the baby, the children,
the elderly, and yourself at all times during mosquito biting
seasons. The extra "assist" Protection you do need.
The Electronic Mosquito Repellent. Totally Cool approved.
and don't get bit by this mosquito.
Battery operated clip-on
Mosquito Repellent **

The Personal Experience. This is written by
Richard david Renda who has been mosquito
prone since childhood and has spent more than
9 seasons in what is New York's Ground Zero
mosquito dense areas. Today all you need is
to be bit once by the wrong Mosquito and you
could die. In short, here are four personal
Mosquito Repellent examples in application:
1. On the shoreline at sunset in dead wind on
a warm summer night comes by the thousands
the "no see'um mosquito." They are knat size
monsters that bite and are out for blood. Nothing
works for long, oils or sprays. But with the clip-
on Repellent I watch them by the thousands try
to bite me. Yet they never get closer than within
18 inches from my body. 2. When I came upon
the dreaded warm sticky night where that flying
mosquito was buzzing around my ear as I was
trying to sleep and it would not let me, I knew
I was going to get bit. I asked myself what could
I do. I went upstairs, got my electronic clip-on
mosquito repellent, laid it next to my pillow along
side of me and went to sleep. I never got bit ...
without my personal protection device "the clip -
on repellent" I surely would have. 3. I was in a
New York City Cafe with a friend having tea. A
type of Mosquito flying predator appeared around
us. My friend became concerned, pulled out her
clip-on mosquito repellent, sat it on the center of
the table, and we watched the mosquito make a
fast mid air S pattern and fly away. Never to be
seen again. 4. Working sometimes 30 and 60
hours in a row at the computer and a mosquito
enters the area. I keep a Clip-on Repellent "on"
all the time right next to my computer keyboard
and monitor. When a mosquito appears it does
that fast S pattern and goes away.
There is
much more ...
Now Playing ...
King Crimson
Caroline Records
or Operation O
Emagine Music

click repellent
for continual.
**As an extra note -
during the Summer you
may want to
click on
the pictures here
on "The Feature" page
providing repellent
mosquitos will not like
your computer area so
Then Adjust your
Computer volume
level to what is
comfortable for you.
A gift from Totally
Cool .
Please also note ...
Each of the Products
that are featured
depending on availability
prices may vary from
time to time - State to
State. Seek and you
shall find. Be Educated.
Protect yourself and
those you love
Pick - a - Tune
click one
King Crimson
Operation O
Sounds will play on this page only if you click and choose. You can
have both a song and the Repellent on at the same time. To "reselect"
sounds -on this page- simply click the "reload" button on your Browser.
Totally Cool (r) The MagaZine
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