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Mosquito Repellents
Montgomery County, Maryland
West Nile Virus:
Insect Repellents

Natural & Botanical Repellents
The Annals of Internal Medicine (June 98)
reports: Plants whose essential oils have
been reported to have repellent activity
include citronella*, cedar, verbena,
pennyroyal, geranium, lavender, pine,
cinnamon, rosemary, basil, thyme,
allspice, garlic, and peppermint. Unlike
synthetic insect repellents, plant-derived
repellents have been relatively poorly
studied. When tested, most of these
essential oils tended to give short-lasting
protection, usually less than 2 hours.
*Citronella is registered with U.S. EPA
as an insect repellent. Studies show that
citronella can be an effective repellent,
but it provides less protection time than
most DEET-based products. While all of
the natural repellents mentioned above
provide shorter coverage, they provide
safer coverage. Moreover, they may
be ideal for shorter evening chores like
walking the dog, grilling, or taking out
trash and recycleables.

Plants, trees, and grass can provide oil that in certain
applications has been found to be effective and safe.
- Also -
The Grass of China does contain Citronella oil.
The Citrosa Plant is a hybrid plant that is a
cross between the Afican Gernmanium and
Grass of China. It has insect repellent
properties (when rubbed on clothing, etc.)
The Bug Hat
something for
extra protection,
especially if you
work in State
Parks or as a
protection and
roll-up pouch.
price: $21.99
or $9.99 net
In The Netting Department
had a full
array that included
Head Nets, Shirts,
Pants and outfits.
Even caught
the eye of a
Fashion Stylist.
You can find
"Ankle Guards"
also. Great for
work or beachy
weekends at
Fire Island, or in
any other Mosquito
dense area. Look for this Mosquito
Protection at: you can use their search for:
"repellent" and "insect repellent" to find basil leaf
rubbed on skin and the likes. But for
"All Terrain Natural" go to bottom
of their page to "quick Hunt."
Type in "insect repellent." - go to their on line store.
Look for heading "Heirloom Seeds - Specialty Seeds -
Tobaccos" try "Tobacco Seeds From Around The
World." But for those insect repellent plants go
directly to and
click list at left "Insect Repellent Plants", see "Pyrethum
Flower Powder" and "The Great Mosquito Repellent." has a wide selection of
seeds and a wealth of information. THE SAFE
insecticide that instantly kills flying and crawling
insects on contact but does no harm to birds or
mammals is the dried and crushed flowers of the
Pyrethrum Plant. See on the list: Natural Insect
Repellent Plants. Love this. Four Star material.
According to Jim Johnson at you can get
Lemon Grass Plants at Hartmann's Plant Company
in Lacotta, Missouri - 619 253 4281. - insect repellent compounds,
Mosquito Plant Agastache cana, Chinaberry Tree, Mountain
Tobacco, Rosemary,
"Pyrethum" Flower, and Citradora
The Mosquito War ...
Awareness and Prevention
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