At the point of mid-Summer
forward will be the beginning
of critical. When the school
year begins pay attention. That
may be the beginning to heights
of the deadly mosquito season.
Also if it is warm into parts of
November. Hey, the mosquitos
have all summer to grow all over
the lands. Government officials
confirm West Nile Virus is not
going away. So now you know.
7. Sleep with a blanket or a
sheet. If you have a repellent
keep it with you.
8. Take care with children and
the elders, as well as yourself.
They could die from being bit.
You ...could have a really bad
headache and worse.
9. West Nile Virus Symptoms
generally take 3 to 15 days to
10. And finally. The best of all
"Do Not Panic."
Never panic. Simply, get
prepared and be prepared. Be
fully prepared. Know all there
is to know. Protect your loved
ones, your friends, yourself and
all that matters. And have a
good Life. Aggressive fear only
leads to greater damages and
more than science knows. A
Defensive Posture if correctly
taken will always preserve. In
every Environment. And prosper.
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3. "Always" ("always" is The Word) -- Keep
screens on the windows and doors at all times.
And repair any holes or tears. I love the person
who tells me they sleep with the windows open
with no screens. You are asking to get bit.
Remove all standing water around your property.
SPRAYS OF ANY MATTER, such as "deet"
or any of the many different sprays Townships,
Counties, and States, are using.
5. Spraying the outside of your home start
close to the house and spray outward. Pushing
the mosquitos away from your home. If you're
spraying a park or lot, clear the area of people
and spray outward in. Keeping contained.
Insects move their homes quickly. And in the
wind - chemicals move in: many directions.
Take this all very serious: Number 1.
1. Do Not let the Mosquito in your house.
So so important. Keep the mosquito outside.
Keep mosquitos out of the house at all costs.
2. If possible when outside, as I mentioned
earlier: wear long sleeve shirts and long pants.
Even if they are light weight. At least it is one
step better than having your bare skin ready to
be that mosquito eyeing you or someone you
know as their next meal. Fashion Designers of
The Years Forward and of those of many other
times that were before create beautiful clothes
for you that are of full length. "Stylish", and,
"sexy" with "a Look" ... if you are concerned.
As an example: the cigarette pant. They come
in many styles and colors. Sexy. Beautiful.
Bold. And still covered up. For men it is good
from jeans to dress attire. But if you go into
the woods, especially deep woods, shorelines,
marshland or even your backyard: wear socks.
- The Facts -
Myths and Legends
Mosquito War Rules.
I know people who have been bit on their
ankles by flying predators. You know they
bite your legs. Along with just about every
other part of your body. So dress accordingly.
Depending on what kind of environment you
will be in. Learn to "save." "Save as." In
your own Life. The way Nature gave it to
you. Otherwise you really are playing russian
roulette with yourself, your Life, with Death,
and, those around you. The powers of Nature
have a way of reminding you who you are.
6. Do Not be stupid or so
bold as to think the mosquito
or mosquitos will not bite you.
Someone said: I only get bit 3
or 4 times through the Summer.
As I responded, "Right. You
do not have to worry about it.
Unless you get bit just once."
Remember The Word: prepared.
Be "prepared."

A combination of Awareness
will: "keep you safe." Wear
socks, long sleeves, and: a
repellent. A Natural herb
base, an oil, or a spray and
a personal protection device.
One that is battery operated
for yourself and one plug-in
for the house.
Protect your pets. Pay
attention. When the West
Nile Virus first appeared
tests were taken in Queens,
New York City. The official
results found that more than
52% of those pets tested
returned: "positive" for West
Nile Virus. The Mosquito
bites. They bite your pet too.
Also be aware there are
factual concerns regarding
species of viruses being
transmitted, note: viruses
being transmitted from
"animals to humans." (FYI)
When on the shoreline do
wear long sleeves along with
a repellent. Remember. The
Mosquito is "attracted" to
your "exhaled breath." The
West Nile virus may spread
to other species of Life as it
has. Including many insects.
Big green flies bite people
on the beach. At the end of
1999 many horses died in
Long Island New York from
the mosquito West Nile.
Chemical spraying. As I
received a phone call soon
after areas were sprayed (I
will not say where as we do
not point fingers, we solve
problems) I learned from the
caller who was working on
the outside of a house this:
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