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1. Take this all very serious. Be Aware
for your Life. And for those around you. Be
Very Aware of the Political Language you hear
being offered by press and media bombarding
you with "words" that "they are selling." And.
using your power: "belief", against you. There
are many political leaders -- People getting you
to believe in what is not true: so it makes you
feel better. Well, you will not feel better if your
father or your mother or a child dies because
you believed in what were really dangerous
lies. Stay extremely aware of who is lying to
you: or who is speaking truth. You remember
the movie Jaws. It was about The Great White
Shark that WAS eating people. Remember
when (Brody) the sherriff wanted to warn
and tell them they might die if they
went in the water ? They might get bit. And
do you remember that the Mayor and certain
others in that movie "Jaws" did not want to tell
anyone of the impending danger and did not
care if people died. Because they care about:
only the money. Good advice. You can not buy
with money what is "the soul." You pay for it.
Basic Rules of Engagement
The Mosquito War
The first rule of Engagement:
1. Be very aware of the words
of disinformation, the lies, and
partial truths designed to throw
you off guard and possibly into
"a false sense of security."
The source
of words that lie
to you could in fact ultimately
be what is your downfall and
what could kill you long before
your time is supposed to be
up. Be aware of those that
would speak with what is
called: "Reckless Disregard."
For what ? The Truth. Know
what is really going on in your
environment, what is around
you. It is the world where you
Breathe. Seriously. Your very
survival could depend on it.
2. Know how the mosquito
finds you. Most important.
You Are ... the target.
The blood sucking female
mosquito (males do not bite)
are attracted to and does
locate you via scent,
movement and that which
attracts them. Did you hear
what I said ? That which
"attracts" them. Carbon
Dioxide gas. Which is, in
fact: what you exhale. You
breath. Your exhaling. It
creates a plume. That
plume is: Carbon Dioxide
gas. Do you get it ? The
mosquito can find and locate
your exact position because:
You Breathe. You exhale.
And if your relative dies because "you wanted
to" believe in the man or woman who said to
you "Not Known to be harmful to humans",
as to mean and you should "believe" it will not
harm you, when in fact it really says "as a
matter of fact you could get sick, very sick or
and unfortunately you could very well die" "we
don't know" --trust me, you will not feel "good"
"for a long time." Whether it is mosquitos ...
AIDS, chemicals, or anything else you "need"
to know about: Pay Attention. So. Do you
want to live ? We want you to Live. Okay, let's
go to "what you need." Believe in nothing ! ! !
Only believe in this: the "absolute facts." And
pursue getting only that. Instead of getting
the cover up
. Period, end of report. Survive,
with a smile on your face. Because you will
be armed ... with knowledge. And you will
have what is most important: true knowledge.
>>> Awareness and Prevention
The MagaZine
No, not "could." Your very
survival "does" depend on it.
And if you love any one, if you
care in any little manner about
any body then be aware and
know -"know" -is The Word.
Know this. Where mosquitos
are concerned: "Every One Is
At Risk." During many years
going forward, as you try to
enjoy the Life you have and
Life around you this will be:
"all important."
As I said to a friend "The mosquito bites" my friend quickly
responded to correct me and Ivy said, "No, the mosquito kills.
So say it." Now and for years and years to come, know this:
"The Mosquito does kill." And it kills people. It could kill you.
In the Spring, Summer, and Early Fall months keep yourself:
prepared. Take all precautions. Do not take the risk. It may
be your own funeral.

Now you can see you must
be aware and be concerned
with the well being of your
loved ones. People forget.
They go out and have a nice
day. And they are careless
at night as they forget. Then
as they sleep at night. The
human body engages in
breathing. Deep breathing.
Which means deep exhales.
Large plumes of gas. They
get bit by the mosquito.
Have you seen a Butterfly lately ??? Knowledge. Knowledge !
Knowledge ! ! Knowledge is ... the route to Prosperity. What
some may call Pure Truth. Okay, that is point one. Beware
of the liars.
And do not get the point ...the mosquito point.
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