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CDC Question and Answers continue
Q. Can you get West Nile virus directly from birds ?
A. There is no evidence that a person can get the virus from
handling live or dead infected birds. However, avoid bare -
handed contact when handling dead animals, including dead
birds. Use gloves or double plastic bags to place the carcass
in a garbage can.
(This is a "Classic Example" of what we just talked
about. Notice the answer above. Now also notice you did not
get a flat out "No" as the answer. Which really means, guess
what: "Yes, it is possible." As you see researchers do not
have "proof" that says absolutely otherwise. So the answer
to the question correctly stated is really, "it is possible." Or,
why did the CDC tell you to "Use gloves" ? See. The Truth.)

Q. Besides mosquitoes, can you get West Nile virus
directly from other insects or ticks ?
A. Infected mosquitoes are the primary source for West Nile
virus and caused the outbreak in the New York City area.
Ticks infected with West Nile virus have been found in Asia
and Africa. Their role in the transmission and maintenance of
the virus is uncertain. There is no information to suggest that
ticks transmitted West Nile virus to patients in the New York
area outbreak. (note: "primary source" and "no information".)
Q. Where did West Nile virus come from ?
A. West Nile virus has been commonly found in humans and
birds and other vertebrates in Africa, Eastern Europe, West
Asia, and the Middle East, but has not previously been
documented in the Western Hemisphere. It is not known
from where the U.S. virus originated, but it is most closely
related genetically to strains found in the Middle East.
Q. What are the symptoms of West Nile encephalitis ?
A. Most infections are mild and symptoms include fever,
headache, and body aches, often with skin rash and swollen
lymph glands. More severe infection may be marked by
headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation,
coma, tremors, convulsions, weakness, paralysis and, rarely,
death. ("Most Infections", "rarely." Yet ... people died.)
Q. Woman's pregnancy at risk if she gets WN enccephslitis ?
A.There is no documented evidence that a pregnancy is at
risk due to infection. ("No documented". But, possible risk ?)
Q. How is West Nile encephalitis treated ?
A. There is no specific therapy. More severe cases, intensive
supportive therapy is indicated, i.e., hospitalization, fluids IV
intravenous and nutrition, airway management, ventilatory
support, prevention of secondary infections pneumonia,
urinary tract, etc., and good nursing care. (Ribivarin, antiviral
drug by ICN, may be helpful in preventing death as treatment.)
Is there a vaccine against West Nile encephalitis ? --
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