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The MagaZine

Summer 2001
The Music Credit:
Iggy Pop
Virgin Records

But Totally Cool is its own entity. A power unto itself. Like Love. It is something that does not need us
to exist. It will exist no matter what. So I am riding on the train -- with a puzzling question. My eyes were
made to see things in this new modern Sex industry which included live video feeds on the internet with girls
that will do what you want just for the asking. That is: if you have a credit card. Plus as we go even further
into the future, technology will develop "virtual sex" where you will be able to "touch and feel" even though it
will not be real. Excuse me. It will be real. But it may not be flesh and blood or with another person in your
arms. In the future it may be thin air and simulation triggered by visuals to the mind. During this train ride
I was asking Life why I was seeing things that I might not choose to or want to ??? Why did I need this.
Moreso, firsthand I was seeing -- I saw girls being abused, used, and trashed on. I saw the Model industry
almost ruined by some hungry tyrant willing to undo all the good that had been achieved in the decade known
as the 1990's. I saw honest women working hard literally with their sweat and blood in a new frontier trying
to earn a living and then to have to see their monies being stolen from them. I had one man named Fred say
to me "don't worry about the girls ... we are going to use them for all we can get out of them and throw them
away and get new ones every week or two. We are just going to keep turning them over." That was not a
Future for anyone as far as I was concerned. I care about people and Life. So I asked Life why I was being
made to see all this ???
Funny having a conversation with yourself. On the Train a voice inside known to me as Totally Cool said
to me "You are putting a limit on things. You are supposed to represent Life. You are the one who gave
breath to Totally Cool and it is true you are the one who represents all that is Totally Cool . But in your
trying to satisfy everyone, if you approach your editorial forums with a narrow point of view as to what you
will and will not cover you are -limiting the scope of Life- and Totally Cool is about --the full scope of
Life. That is not Totally Cool ." "By keeping a limited scope, in fact it's a contradiction to Totally Cool ."
As you the reader can see it can be a conflict inside if you have a contradiction to your own self. And
the Sex Industry was all new to me. How did I get there ? By discovering a Model Agency Fraud. The
conversation with the inner self was quite extensive. And at that point I knew that "Life itself" was giving
me the approval to expose and look at what is, along with what will be The Future -- all inclusive. Life was
telling me, showing -- what is Sex. And the range of Sex in the Future. Life also said to me that Mothers
and Grandmothers, Fathers and Uncles, and all others concerned better wake up. Because Sex is a part of
Life, a natural rhythm of Life, ever important to the perpetuation of Life. So how dare we turn our heads
the other way on it. Or on children and young adults that may have questions, questions about their own
sexuality. That voice said "Sex is a part of Life." And it said "Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers of
today masturbated when they were 13 years old." For some even younger. Although they will not admit it.
And maybe they did not even know it. The prudish approach of Old World thinking had to go. It is all about
being physical, and judgement. No one wants to hear about it. What the greater conflict is: shutting our eyes
to what is reality may be the next prelude to disaster.
Sexuality ...

This is Personal.
Wake Up. And Help Make The World A Better Place.
The Fashion Well
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