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The MagaZine

Summer 2001
The Music Credit:
Iggy Pop
on The Virgin
Records label.

Sensuality, Sexuality, Abstract, and Perversion. Sensuality. Sensuality is with you from the first day you
come into this world. From the day you were born in to this Earth. You may not know it until years go by
and you grow up. Yet it is: from in the beginning. Even from as far back as being in the womb. Sensuality
is about touch, the Physical. The five senses plus. That's right. The 3 dimensional World of being able
to touch and see things and interpret what is around us. We feel. And what we feel is part of that World,
what is sensual. Oh someone could say I do not know what I am talking about. Would they have a lot to
learn. Let me take you somewhere you do not in most cases see or conceive. For many years I had a huge
toy store across the street, Toys "R" Us. And I would always go in from time to time to see what new
products were on the market. Were they fun, were they interesting ? I wanted to know. So I keep
plugged in. In November 1997 I went inside the store to see what was new for Christmas. Maybe
something would catch my eye and I could do a story on it for our New York City Cable TV Show.
As I reached the top of the escalator to the 2nd floor I saw a new item.
The shelf was completely full and "faced off" (a shelving term which means all the product is brought to the
front of the shelf to give it a full look). What I was seeing was "Tickle Me Elmo." I went over and took
one off the shelf. I put my hands on the left and right of Tickle Me's body. The puppet doll began vibrating.
Vibrating ! ! !
There is Sex in conversation. There is Sex in real Life. And there is Sex in Art. Let's get this straight:
everyone has an opinion. But also everyone has their own life to live. A mechanism that is something
built in by Life itself. As you grow older you will see it is about you the individual fulfilling your destiny,
whatever that may be. In all your opinions and thinking, if you contend Life is going to Judge you on who
you had sex with, how you had that sex, what kind of sex it was -- you are wrong. Life will not judge the
the thief or charleton in the manner in which people think either. Life will Judge each and every individual
on how they helped humankind. This is what matters to Life. The rest is all just "Function." So let's sort
some of the environment out where that a child or parent can gauge what is happening in Life and then
each individual can choose by intelligence -- the choices that are good for them.
I saw that Life was using me to see things in hopes that I could explain some of the what is going on. The
World is in massive change. Both culturally and intellectually. And if someone does not get it together now,
the children of future generations will be so screwed up and so lost that there will be no hope: survival of all
living things could depend on it. There are events I have seen that I can not talk about now. Maybe later.
For 2 reasons. One: there is not enough room to cover everything here on paper. Maybe I will do a Totally
Cool Controversy TV show episode on this subject and much more ground can be looked at. For the
moment we just want to take a look at "Sex Today" and ask that people should start to rethink the real
World they are dealing with. And think about what children or young teenagers will have to deal with over
the next 30 years --what is the defining moment of the next 10,000 years. Being an American I can say this
is not the America or World that I grew up in. In a short 25 years the environment Nature gave us as, quote
unquote, "Natural" has been altered. We now have Lyme disease. Beware when you walk outside. We
have West Nile Virus, mosquitos killing people. And Sex, fuggetabout it -- A.I.D.S. can threaten EVERY
BODY. 25 years ago you did not have to think about dying because you had sex: Now You Do ! Sex and
death did not go hand in hand. Now you can not think about sex without death. Plus the home life, and,
personal relations change from day to day. Next to come is a word phase the modern world lives with,
having: "Safe Sex." And that will include the Internet. There is the new frontier. Is SEX right or wrong ?
Where is the line drawn ?? Who is to Judge ???
Think About What children or young teenagers
will have to deal with ...
The Fashion Well
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