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Summer 2001
Photo by Richard Spiegel. Bryant Park, New York City.
When people heard we were going to do a little story on this there were echoes of those who said, "Good.
I always wanted to know how it got started." So ... why should "I" do this story, what are my credentials ?
First I must say this story would not be coming from me, the writer. It would be coming from the lives of
many. But I do have some credentials. I know Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue since
she became Editor of the Magazine and put a Cross on her very first Cover (September 1988). Plus my
associate and confidant is The World's First Vogue Style Editor, Laurie Schechter. As well as I would
say: many others of the Fashion World close to me I do consider friend. Like Phillip Bloch, Carlyne Cerf,
Candy Pratts, Polly Mellen, Andre Leon Talley, Nancy Novograd, Ruth Finley and all the great minds I do
know who earn a smile in their direction. Let's see ... hummm .... I did the first video footage with Fern
Mallis about 7th on Sixth in Bryant Park months before the first Tent was ever erected.
When the Tents went up I would take my place in the Press Corps. And that was sitting in an alley along
the runways -- last spot closest to the end. Reason for this positioning. I used to keep clear the last 4 feet
of that alley so the Security team Citadel had their place to sit ... "preserved." Then years later when
they eliminated the Press Corps alleyway that ran along side the runways I would take my place in the
Press Corps on the press riser. "Always" right beneath B-Video, keeping their shoot range clear so they
(the house video) were sure to get a clean shot down the runway (without strangers creating obstruction).
We are the family of press people. Oh my place. Front and Center of the Press Corps. But we had /
have our own inside title. We are the part of the Press Corps that could be called The Front Line. But
the title ? We are "The Floor People." How much could I know ?
7th on Sixth.
The Fashion Well
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