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Summer 2001
The Music Credit:
on Private Stock

Through A Looking Glass
The MagaZine


Being on the threshold of a dream -- this Human Race walking The Path of Life which is to now include a
1st Millennium where we -the whole Earth- have the power of electricity, it is this generation that is charged
with the task of defining morals, boundaries and points of view for generations to come and the entire Future.
With the power of electricity comes new gifts, wonders, and expansion. Not just an expanding technological
world but an expansion of Human culture, the Human mind, and more things getting accomplished in a much
shorter amount of time. Faster living. Which translates to more time for more experiences. People having
to address the way we live, how we view things, as well as to note if we will be careless enough to destroy
ourselves and the environment. For this generation that lived in the beginning years of 2000 to be charged
with defining all that -- it is a big responsibility. Yet, we must start somewhere.
This story was to be an extremely big story. For the moment, we are only going to touch on a portion of the
story. Then we will see what turns up in New York. The Sweat Shop so to speak. In our lastest Adventure
we were forced to look at something Life showed us. As stated "Totally Cool " maintains certain posture.
Okay, so how do I tell this story ? Let's start like this -- it might be strange but see if you can follow along,
from my point of view. In Spring of 1994 I created Totally Cool as a TV, Radio, Internet, and Print
Editorial Concept while enlisting the help of seasoned -well established- professional Magazine Editors and
Stylists who have video and TV experience. In the last 7 years I have tried my best with my every breath
to represent Totally Cool the way Life itself would have it. That is who I am (well, part of who I am).
Life in the year 2001 sent this writer on a journey. One that would challenge the very foundation which
has been a Trademark of "Totally Cool ", The Official Editorial Authority who brings to the World in an
Entertainment Format everything that is of exactly what it says, all that is Totally Cool . Covering a full
range of subjects and content that includes people from the ages of 2 to 92. Still, it is all about one thing:
"Something That Comes From The Heart." That is the foundation of Totally Cool . Except we limit our
own format to maintain a relatively conservative agenda covering only Music, Fashion, People, Controversy,
and events that are "Always Good News All The Time." And never the down and dirty, gritty world of pure
Sex. You can see by the Copyline via the Summer Cover we are going to talk about Sex. Well, not just sex.
What we will talk on is Sex as we know it and Sex as it will be ... as our future unfolds and moves forward.
So I am riding on a train one late night. Going the Soho way. Downtown on the N train from 34th Street in
Manhattan to Canal Street. We are going to Express it. The train will only make 2 stops. 14th and Canal.
Of course there is a certain sense of me that has a Spiritual side, not Religious -- but Spiritual. With the
knowledge that there is: much more to Life than what we all can just see in this World. If I were religious
I would have to say that what is religion to me is two things: The Universe and all that is Totally Cool .
Photo by
Written by Richard david Renda
a/k/a Totally Cool

The Fashion Well
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