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Editor-In-Chief: Laurie Schechter
Summer 2001
Also I earned the whole International Press Corps another title -- along with a title for all photographers
and video people alike. In February of the year 2000 I personally derailed the P.E.T.A. people's assault on
Oscar de la Renta's runway and took their signs (the wind out of their sails) in twelve seconds. A Grand
Occasion. It was the 1st time someone took P.E.T.A. down in their 20 years of terrorizing and abusing
people. (For a little more 7th on Sixth history.) Then the New York Post Newspaper wrote a headline
across the top of both pages 2 and 3 "Lensman Takes Angry Shot At Fur Protesters." On that day we
"All" received a new title. A title to be proud of. "Lensmen and Lenswomen." A real Family -a family of
one - the family of "Lenspeople." In the short of it ... that is some of who I am. Do I have the credentials ?
Sometimes I am not so loved by some people. Other times lots of people love me. I am also the same
person who (don't ask me why) is manhandled every season by someone working in the name of 7th on
Sixth since they were kicked out of Bryant Park and returned a season later with Mayor Guiliani doing a
Ribbon Cutting Cermony. Based on all that I guess I should write a bit of the story on "7th on Sixth", for
documentation sake. But what do I know about anything ? Well this is the year that I call: Year 1, 2001.
And the C.F.D.A. brought on a "new" Executive Director, Peter Arnold. Oh the C.F.D.A., who are they ?
We will get to that in a minute. Peter Arnold ? I know that gentleman also. Funny. He even plays a very
important role in this ghost writer's personal Life. So I guess I can just say: "This is all Family." Good.
Bad. Indifferent. I only want to tell the basics now and then of course down the road ... there will be
more. Stay tuned. And onward we go. (Before we forget, by the way ... Hey Peter -- Congratulations.)
7th on Sixth. What is it ? It was Fashion Central for the Designer Collections that are shown on the
runway in New York City twice a year and seen around the World. The Spring / Summer Collections
and the Fall / Winter Collections. In the year 2001 the event of showing runway collections is held in the
same place but it is Sponsored by and called "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week" -- also known as "The New
York International Fashion Collections." 7th on Sixth was given birth by an organization called the C.F.D.A.,
The Council of Fashion Designers of America. 7th on Sixth was held at Bryant Park which is on Avenue
of the Americas (6th Avenue) between 40th Street and 42nd Street. It was the cornerstone event of The
New York Garment Industry and 7th Avenue Fashion Designers. Hence "7th on Sixth." 7th on Sixth began
November 1994. Now let me back up a bit. How did it get going and what was it really. Okay. It starts
with The Council of Fashion Designers of America (aka the C.F.D.A.). In 2002 the C.F.D.A. will have
celebrated their 40th Birthday. The Council of Fashion Designers was founded in 1962 with a total of 20
participants. By the time they had reached the 1990's they had grown more than ten times that number.
Some 250 of the top "Creme de la Creme" American Fashion Designers -- Oscar, Bill Blass, Carolina
Herrera, Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Geoffery Beene, Donna Karan, Cynthia Rowley, Yeohlee, Big
Bob Mackie, Kenneth Cole, Mary McFadden, Joseph Abboud, Carmen Marc Valvo, and so on.
The C.F.D.A. was formed as a "not for profit" philanthropic organization dedicated "to further the position
of Fashion Design as a recognized branch of American Art and Culture." And they do have a great history
of helping people and young adults develop their talents through sponsorship programs, along with providing
a venue for budding designers to participate in real Professional Fashion Runway settings. As in example,
the seasonal group show hosted by Moet or The Wellman / Ecospun: Master's Apprentice. In 1994 Stan
Herman was the President of the C.F.D.A. (he becomes president in 1991) and Fern Mallis was Executive
Director (she comes on board in 1992). The idea was to create a complex of venues in one location giving
both top level designers and second level designers an affordable place to show under one roof. Classy.
Fern went to Paris to see how the Tents were done there. She came back. Found Bruce Rayvid. An
experienced man who knew how to put together a theatrical production -- set, lights, structure. And, most
of all this must be said. With the Support of the Fashion Designers "7th on Sixth" was born.
Credit given where credit due.
The MagaZine
The Fashion Well
The Music Credit:
Scapegoat Wax
Perfect Silence
Virgin Records

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