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The MagaZine


Summer 2001
The MagaZine
So, there is the break down. Sensuality. Sexuality. Abstract. Perversion. It may be that if what you
are dealing with in your world needs defining, start here. Most can understand Life when it is made easy
to comprehend. And their are many new frontiers on the horizon. Yet ... if you are out to hurt others by
degrading the value of Life: someone may be watching.

In fact there is a simple point to be made: do not Judge others. Judge only your self. What is good for others
may not be good for you. But in turn remember that what is not good for you may be very good for others.
Who are you to Judge ??? Life is molding a new order ... The Highest Order. The way Life really is. Great
minds know it is not about what you "believe" or think. Any World that is based on someone's mere beliefs
or many peoples "beliefs" is A World of: Illusions. A far cry from what is real. If you want less problems
then we must continue to grow instead of getting caught in the rut of someone's else opinions. Life will
show you what Life really is about. If you dare to Look. It has a wide range. And if you do not look at the
full scope of Life then it would be right for you to say little or nothing at all. Show us your wisdom and not
your ignorance. This World has to learn to enjoy and respect the diversity of others. The Future does dictate
and show us an old saying evermore. "Different strokes for different folks." We can try to help people,
instead of condemning them. If not -- then before Life you may be condemning your self, as we go on. Be
well. The goal is to create a global society of prosperity and wellness. You will live longer.
In the end (pardon the pun) to wrap it up, we see a new frontier called the Internet. Global Communication
that unites. And it unites the whole Earth as one. Whether anyone likes it or not. It is happening, it is going to
happen more and bigger. And like Life: it is not going away. It is the beginning to many new Futures. You
will experience adventure in unchartered realms of living. Are we to Judge -or- try to understand
how to make this part of the Universe work for everyone ?
Now perversion -- that is a new ball game. And you will have to decide where the line of perversion exists.
Some might find the line can be drawn with an example as in The Robert Mapplethorpe Photographs that
do deplict maybe some perverted acts. But for me -- perversion was shown to me on television when: a
Manhattan TV Network's "Executive Director" claimed they do not air sexually explict acts on their station
before 11 pm and on a primetime Sunday at 9:30 p.m. I watch that man air to some 3 million viewers a
person literally hanging their buttocks over someone's face shitting (defecating) in a human being's mouth.
That might be considered as perversion. 30 men in a dark room going from one to another without using
any sort of protection in a place called the Mine Shaft having anal intercourse or 15 men lined up outside
a bathroom waiting for their turn as one man gives them all oral sex and swallows. Perversion. Who is
to say ? The answer: Life is to say. When you create an environment that breeds the destruction of
humankind -- that may be where the line of perversion is drawn. But if it does not physically hurt Life or
steal from those who work hard -- there is one law that is a Universal Law. It is called: Freedom. "Mind
your own business."
Sensuality, Sexuality, Abstract,

Written by ...
Richard Renda
With Love.
"Thru A Looking Glass"
Photo by ...
The Music Credit:
on Private Stock

The Fashion Well
Editor-In-Chief: Laurie Schechter
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