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Summer 2001
The Music Credit:
Scapegoat Wax
on Virgin Records

The Fashion Well
New York ... Fashion Capital -- Of The World.
or is it ?
Rightfully so, people around the World ask that question.
Let us take it from a spectator point of view. New York City has been a central interest to the World
at large as a matter of Heritage. People have flocked to it from every Country around the World and
some people have found it the place they call "Home." So is it The Fashion Capital of the World ?
If you talk about imports you would have to say "yes" because everyone from every corner of the
World sells their goods in New York or wishes they were selling their goods in New York. From a
Style point of view The City has had trend setters and celebrities that have been watched by the rich
and the poor as far back as people have been keeping records. New York has those amazing
neighborhoods that echo their names around the World; Soho, Greenwich Village, The Upper East
Side, Harlem, and many others that have contributed to Human creations in Fashion. But does that
really make it The Fashion Capital of the World ???
Let's see ... In New York City there are some of "the best" Model Agencies in the World, some of
"the best" Public Relations firms, and as Legends have it New York City is square one for The New
York International Fashion Press Corp -- which reaches out to every inhabitant on this Earth. It is
true years ago Fashion Designers showed their Collections scattered all around the City in lofts,
warehouse spaces, armories, and prestigious buildings. In its evolution through time the Fashion
community kept that charm and added to it a coming together under one roof. The Tents known as
7th on Sixth. The Press Corp made it that every great Designer both in America and abroad would
come to show their wares or at least their face for this event in the great City. Now 7th on Sixth has
made its way to the past. The Collections go on. In that City of the World they have earned a New
Title that will remain through all of time: The New York International Fashion Collections. This brings
us back to the question. Is New York the Fashion Capital Of The World ? Rightfully so there is also
only one answer. YES. It is. Any good Editor would have one thing to say. "Hope to see you there."
The Sean John Collection
photos by:
Totally Cool
Empire State
Get the point.
City of The World
New York City.

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