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Totally Cool
The MagaZine

Summer 2001
But we still have a lot of sorting out to do. When any parent has a child, they seem to think they "own"
that child. But a child grown into an adult will remind you otherwise. Again we reflect on the phase
"entrusted with." There is a big difference between ownership of and entrusted with. Abstract.
Abstract Sex is sex that does not fit within mainstream thinking or simple thinking. It may include anal
sex. It may include internet sex. It may include other things. It may as such include strange sex toys.
It is wrong ? Well, that is a good question. The anwer is "no." What is abstract is a display of what is
beyond certain thinking. But in reality Life itself can be Abstract. Like in Art. Some may say "abstract
art should not be viewed." Coming from the same people who think they can tell you what you can and
can not do. Like in the example made around the year 2000 and New York City's Mayor creating a
"Decency Commission." In that example, the Mayor tried to prevent people from looking at Abstract
Art while that same Mayor was having his wife and his mistress together at Gracie Mansion. Flaunting
it, his illicit affair, in front of his own kids and displaying little caring for how they feel. Or for how his
self desires would affect those children 40 years from now. Should people not look at abstract art that
Mayor deems offensive ??? He went as far as to say publically that his Mistress was "the most
important thing." Which in turn told his son and the rest of the public -- that the Mistress was priority.
Not his own flesh and blood. Nice. Talk about abstract.
Sexuality. Now this can be a different story. Sexuality is about your person. The who you are. Your
gender. And your preferences. It could be about the way you comb your hair in the mirror. Or it could
be about flirting with the outside world. It might even just be about your view regarding procreation and
the perpetuation of Life. Sexuality is about you the individual, the decisions you make. In maturing a
human race each person should remember that you can guide a human being through the travels of their
destiny. You can share and talk about the Worlds we live in. But no matter what we should realize you
can not tell a person what to do. If a person has a calling or wants to do something, at some point in their
Life, they are going to be motivated by what is inside the self and what compels them and they are going
to follow that path. Then if we look to be of help to anyone, the best way to do that is by talking with
those who are part of your life. Talking, communicating, not hiding away. If you are a parent the word
"guide" is one to note at the highest regard. Maybe as we develop this Earthly culture to live and survive
beyond another 10,000 years or more, people shall realize they: do not own Life or other human beings.
We are entrusted with Life and the well being of others. Seeing that ... we might choose to live for
something that is bigger than one's own little self concerns. We might live with the purpose of preserving
Human survival.
A stimulating vibration that went through my sensitive finger tips. If you could have seen the look on my
face. How do you have a smile and dismay at the same time ? And my next statement was "Oooh, I
would not want my daughter playing with this at so early an age." Why ? Hello ... it was a Vibrator. A
little too young for that stimulation. Was I wrong ? 2 years later a friend who has a young girl heard me
talking about this said "No kidding. Did you ever see what the young 2 and 3 year old girls do with it ??? "
Puzzled I asked "What ?" He said, "They sit on them." 2 and 3 year old girls: Sitting On A Vibrator !
Now think about Tickle Me Elmo "vibrating." Do you have the visual ? Talk about sensuality. Obviously
it starts at a young age. And little boys are as curious as little girls. So for adults there is much to learn.
But again we must look at all this. Moreso since A.I.D.S. has changed what you can do and can not do
with respect to sex and your own sexuality and what children have to deal with going forward. So
sensuality is something you are born with and something that is part of you (and every other human
being). It will exist on this planet far beyond the day you die. Get used to it.
Sexuality is about You the individual.
The Fashion Well
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