- Words to Beyond The Sands -
I heard a vibration, sound so deep.
Something my mind would seem to
keep. The power of one word, I heard:
no beginning, no end. That's absurd.
The ground is shaking, earthquakes
here. Volcanos rumbling. Fire appears.
Judge Joe
The Daily News:
What Not To Be Like
The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
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4th quarter
Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."
Totally Cool
The Magazine
A World ... For You ... From Clean and Comfortable to Sexy, Sexier, Sexiest. NOW GET OUT AND ENJOY LIFE.
The Special Edition ... Part 1.
The TV Squares: Bit by a Shark,
Music Is Alive - Pulse, Hot Shots,
What is a Look: The ORIGINAL ...
Fashion Police, The Fashion
Statement, Play with It, Cinderella's
Revenge, Sounds & Scenes:
Die Hard With A Vengeance.
The Making of a Movie.
1994 - 2004
"The First Decade"
Totally Cool the TV Show
has aired on Time Warner
Cable television in Manhattan
for a full 10 Years. Talk about
"Enduring The Test Of TIme" !
Take note: There are many
things on this page. It may
take a moment to come down.
But definitely a lot of fun.
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Editorial Music Credit:
Over Her Head
John Cale
EMI / O R Music
Editorial Director:
Richard Renda
Laurie Schechter
LIVE ... "from The Mouth Of The Big Gotham." **** "It took millions of years to make this happen."
Totally Cool and The New York International Press Corps. The Best in all the World.
Courtesy and Co-operation. The Motto is: "Everybody Gets The Shot !"
(Randy ... That hat says everything. Fits you well. Wait a minute. That's my hat. Still looks good on you.)
The weekly Television show is presented on Ch. 34 Time Warner Cable and Ch. 110 RCN Cable in
Manhattan. Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning at 1 a.m. (EST). You can get it, "Totally Cool
" at
www.mnn.org -- same NYC time sched (West Coast time is Tuesday eve at 10 p.m. -- Europe and Asia
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It streams on Windows Media Player. A link to download Windows Media Player
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Totally Cool
1994 - 2004
The First Decade

To The
"A Magazine In TV Land."
Happy Birthday Totally Cool !!!
You Have Been Established on Planet Earth.
A Big Congratulations to EVERYONE who helped to keep the Magic alive through all these years. And a very special Thank
You to every Contributor, every person, who helped preserve this Project. To all those who try to destroy along the route ...
You are not forgotten. Also a heartfelt "Thank You" and Shout Out to every television viewer and every reader who
understands what Totally Cool is. It is all about You.

"Something that comes from the heart." "Always Good News All The Time."

.... The First Decade ....
- The Fashion, Fun, & Lifestyle Editorial Project -
with a Sense of Spirituality ...
Who Put Tommy Hilfiger on the Map ??? The real story. From Underwear Ads on telephone booths to
Inner City to "I can now do what I believe in." The Ricki Lake Talk Show ... photograph by Mr. David Hebble.
**** Like we said:
"It took Millions of Years to make this happen."
The Clock Necklace in Pink Diamonds.
Lloyd Klein Spring 2005.
photo credit:
Jeffery Grossman

Walking In the Sky. Installation by Jonathan Borofsky at
Rockefeller Center. Preserved Moment by Richard Renda.
Manhattan "Herald Square - Where The
Bell Tolls"
Shot on location at Silvercup Studios
photo by David Hebble
On the phone ...
"From The Top of Fashion Avenue, 7th Avenue."
Black & White - not Steven Meisel - Manhattan File.
The Flying Sphere
Tara - Goddess of Goodness (in white Sylvia Heisel)
and Nadine - The child in Me (in black Alberta
by Photogrpaher Alberto Rizzo
"When The Mystics Are Around"
by Photographer Junichi
A Magazine in Space ... 2000 - 2004
Totally Cool The Magazine
Laurie Schechter
Extra Special Thanks to some of the best mentors a person could ever have ... Anna Wintour and
Alexander Liberman. "If you can't stand the Heat, get out of the Kitchen."
The Hat -- looking for Columbus - makes it to Spain
From The Core of Creation
Sing ... "We're having a P-a-r-t-y"
Totally Cool Talks ... Live !
Home of The 2 Minute Blurb.
Minority Report:
The Twilight Zone
Meeting at
The Cross Road


Mr. Cool and
the Crystal
of good

photo by
Jeffery Grossman
above are ... some of the Logos
"If you had the opportunity to
say anything to the World,
anything at all: what would
you say ???"
Magic Johnson: "I would
say ... to be Totally Cool .
And just have a lot of hard
passion doing it ! "
4th quarter 2004 Mag Cover
"Walking In the Sky"
photo by Richard Renda
Art Installation by
Jonathan Borofsky
photo: Cheryl Gorski
photo: Alberto Rizzo
There are bunches of things
coming forward. Stay Tuned !
on page
by Richard Renda,
stated otherwise.
The Power of Destiny
gets this far.
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