You may want to visit the Hotel
and the 600 year old Kasteel
Vaalsbroek in Aachen. This
four star luxury hotel has 50
double rooms, an a-la-carte
restaurant, the cozy cafe, and
a terrace which overlooks the
pond. From the terrace you can
feed bread to the ducks and
black Swans. The pathways,
ponds, and double row of 200
year old chestnut trees add to
the beauty of the property, laden
inside with antiques and fine art.
There are 12 golf courses,
squash, tennis courts, cycling,
and hiking facilities.

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Keep it very
tuned !

Ten minutes from Maastricht is the fabulous modern Therme
2000 spa
set atop Cauberg, surrounded by rolling hills and
the river Geul. A half day visit might get you into one of the
eucalyptus sauna cabins and hot tub. Or swim in the 11,000
square feet of thermal pools that link to each other. Under a
warm sun your torso and limbs are massaged by the gentle jets
inside the large pools. More health benefits and an experience.
Drink the fresh mineral waters from the grand fountain whose
resource is the springs at Valkenburg which laid dormant for
400 centuries on the banks of the Geul. You may even choose
to stay in one of the Spa's 60 rooms with terraces. Overnight
stays include breakfast and as much time as you want to spend
in the spa. Bicycle tours through this area are available. And
for a bit of background information, in 1998 the World Cycling
Championships were held here. You can then have dinner at
the luxurious Chateau St Gerlach. You might even get the host
and its owner to be the tour guide.

The MagaZine
Before you think about leaving Holland
really put your foot down. Visit the
Labyrinth in Vails which is steps from
Three Land Point, the highest point in
the Netherlands. You can put your feet
down in three countries: Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany. The Labyrinth
is open from Easter through Autumn.
Living is about the many things in the
world to see. Rolled off the runway.
On to another day. Summer wheels
a lot of Fun. Some are wheels. A
lot a fun. -- by Bettina Cirone.
(P.S. You may want to bring home
a bottle of honey dipped olives from
the Restaurant Poppe in Zwolle,
Holland. Mouth watering delight.)

In the Mysteries
you may find a cave church close to the German and Belgian borders in Valkenburg that preserved religious
icons painted throughout its raw walls including "The Stations of the Cross." People got away here and
escaped bombings of World War II.
Catch A Wave - page 73

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Marc Anthony

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