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A bus takes us to the 5500 hectar Hoge Veluwe National
Park in
Gelderland. It opened in 1938 and is the largest
in Holland. Included in the price of admission is use of any
of the more than one hundred white bicycles provided by
the park. Winding Paths take you through expanses of
grassland, sand drifts, forests, and moors where you can
see wild deer, boar, and many species of birds among the
wildlife. The museums in the National Park include the
Museonder, the world's first underground museum where
you can walk underneath the entire root system of a 135
year old beech tree -- almost 80 square meters. On the
grounds is the Park's vast sculpture garden. Museum
Kroller Muller has an enormous collection of Van Goghs
as well as 19th and 20th century art from impressionism
to modernism. After the museum have a pile of pancakes
in the cafeteria on the Park grounds.
Next stop. The two thousand year old city of Maastricht.
An overnight at the luxurious Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza.
You'll be cycling around the area over cobblestones and
paved streets past row houses. You can choose from some
7 or 8 cruise companies to take you along the Maas River.
The city's walls and underground forts tell the story of a
turbulent warring past while prosperous centuries are evident
in churches, mansions and treasure houses. In modern life
the Dutch are as interesting and varied as Americans in
their dress and tastes. This southernmost region of Holland
bordering Belgium and Germany is also a University town.
Galleries, theatre, museums, architecture, culinary delights.
There are also shops of all varieties. Fashions, antiques, you
name it. You can even find a Dolls museum there called
Poppenmuseum on Grote Gracht 41 which houses an exhibit
of 400 children's dolls dating 1780 thru 1950. Maastricht also
has a wine growing and brewing area along its border.
Maastricht also has the latest in hi-tech
production facilities, a National Cycle Day,
the Dutch Dance festival, an International
Dog Show, Food festivals, and more. Begin
a bicycle ride after breakfast and you can
make it to Luxembourg
for lunch or even
Paris on a day trip. An adventure is visiting
Valkenburg. Between Maastricht and
Valkenburg you can explore cave dwellings
which would take years to go through with
its 20,000 passages at Mount St. Peter just
south of Maastricht in de Rotswoning.
On the other end of the cultural spectrum
is the Holland Casino in Odapark with its
Martijn and Kees Verkade sculptures is
twenty minues from Maastricht. It is one
of the only places in Holland a strict dress
code is enforced. The minimum age: 18.

How Far Can
A Bicycle
- Take You -
Catch A Wave - page 73

Summer Wheels
photos & story
Betina Cirone
On Page Music Credit:
The Devil Inside
at all good record

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