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The MagaZine
Some Are Wheels ...
A Lot of Fun !!!
Summer Wheels A Lot Of Fun !!!
When you are growing up (if you remember) somewhere
along the line you learned about "the wheel." You learned
it goes round. You learned it takes you places. And then
you learned how to ride a bicycle. It meant Freedom. But
it also meant you had mastered a device that was a moving
connection with all that is around you. There is nothing quite
like watching -from your own eyes- the world go by as you
ride that bicycle. The one common ground that many of us
have shared. The knowing what "balance" is. When you
wonder just how far a bicycle can take you the answer is:
across oceans ... but what do we find.
To some Holland and Amsterdam may be interpreted as
"comfortable", "friendly", and -- a place where "rules of
oppression meant to destroy lives" do not exist. But on
a bicycle you always see more than the surface view.
Time to take a ride.

In Amsterdam, as in all of Holland, bicycles are as much "a
form of transportation" as: trucks, cars, vans, trains, taxis,
and trolleys. In fact, it is a country where 12 million bicycles
are owned by 15 million people. And there are 6,200 miles of
"bicycle lanes." The round blue signs with a white bicycle in
the middle. In New York where people consider themselves -
the cutting edge- they have even put some of their police on
bicycles. Holland is the first Police department in the World to
put its officers on Roller Skates. Wheel serious.
A Lot of Fun !!!
Okay, now we are looking at Holland
a little differently. Tulips. A windmill
here and there. Beautiful countryside.
What else ? How do we get around ?
By bicycle ??? Most cities in Holland
are accessible by train. There are 350
railway stations in the Netherlands. So
it is easy to transport your own bike by
train. (Although, in Holland you must
buy a separate train ticket for your
bicycle.) You can always rent a bicycle
by the week or by the day near any of
the train stations. And if you are "the
really hungry type" you can arrange
culinary cycling tours and hit the road
with your bicycle over Holland's
waterways by Boatel. If it is winter
you are concerned with -- there are
many planned bicycle events all year
round in Holland. Most would say
winters are relatively mild there. So
let's go ... We'll stay at the centrally
located Best Western Eden Hotel on
Amstell 144. Coffee Shops proliferate
on every major thoroughfare and on
some side streets.
Catch A Wave - page 73

Bicycle courtesy of Steven Rosenberg, Windmill courtesy of Netherland Board of Tourism, Horses in the Field --Bettina Cirone.
story and photos by
Bettina Cirone
Bicycle (above) courtesy
of Steven Rosenberg is
known as a "Recumbent
Bicycle." Comfortable.
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