The overijssels Waterland is home to many
hundreds of species of orchids. Birds build their
nests around the reeds, wild bushes, and ferns.
The land filled with organic charm. In its people,
its animals, and architecture. On the train again.
From Zwolle to Steenwijk. Guides will meet you
at the station with bicycles to ride from the Cafe
Restaurant t' Vonder through scenic countryside.
Quaint Dutch thatched roof houses showing off
meticulous lovely lace curtains and varicolored
gardens. Thatched roofs came into being when
reeds that were plentiful in the area were put
to practical use by farmers who applied them
to the roofs of their farms.
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Try a train ride. From Amsterdam to Zwolle.
The Hanseatic city of Zwolle was one of the
major trade centers in the 15th Century when
Amsterdam was a mere fishing village. Our
present day international trade and private
law system stems from a codification of
Hanseatic trade law. Most important, it
is also from the Hansa that efforts were
constantly made toward peace and mutual
trust between traders and nations. They
fortified their European world with the belief
that only in an atmosphere of peace is trade
possible. A new Renaissance is breaking
through today. It is the European Union of
free trade between nations which is not unlike
the Hansa Union that existed 6 centuries ago.

If you choose to eat out nowhere else Restaurant Poppe in Zwolle is a must do.
Treasured morsels from their medieval "Hanzedinner" menu. Cheerful service
by an unpretentious friendly staff. After the meal you might enjoy a romantic
evening glide in a canoe down the Ijssel River that literally reflects the memory
of medieval Europe. Its architecture, its towers, bastion, and bulwarks illuminate
the canal. Cyclists gracefully cross the arched bridges. Enchantment.
Walking around Zwolle by day is a great way to discover the old town centres
along narrow streets. Unique features of Zwolle include a museum that exhibits
naive and outsider art and its Ecodrome, a recreational and educational theme
park focusing on people, nature and the environment. Zwolle also hosts trade
fairs, great exhibits in its many museums, and carnival festivals.
Two overnights at the Hotel Campanille. You will find it quite pleasurable and
relaxing along with its generous breakfast. A latticework of waterways called
the Overijssels Waterland developed naturally and as a result of peat mining
left many channels which subsequently filled with water, creating a home for
hundreds of species of (greenery) fauna and flora (flowers).

photos and story by: Bettina Cirone
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