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In Amsterdam, a Coffee Shop is not always a
Coffee Shop. It may be that with your coffee
you can buy some smokable herb and sit out
on the terrace to enjoy it (if that is your thing).
Life as a civil society. It has its benefits.
As it is true in any metropolis Amsterdam
features museums, over 100 commerical
art galleries, theatre, concerts, ballets, and
festivals -- all of which can be attended in
casual clothing. In Summer months you can
enjoy outdoor concerts and theatre by picture
rowhouses along the canels. Amsterdam's
Art Adventures are a good deal. Discount
coupons and free stuff like postcards and
entry into the casino are available at the
Holland tourist Info Office open daily or in
your hotel lobby (where you can also buy
the Amsterdam Culture and Leisure Pass).
Most art is less expensive here than it is in
other countries. In general Amsterdam is
less expensive than most of Europe. Popular
souvenirs include everything from cheeses,
flower bulbs, Delft blue pottery and diamonds.
In Amsterdam there is "Mike's Bike Tours."
They rent new Schwinn Cruisers ... 7 gears,
mudguards, backracks. Mike's also provides
strong rain gear in inclement weather. (One
of Amsterdam's popular restaurants is the
centrally located. d'Theeboom a/k/a/ The
Tea Tree. You will enjoy every bite of
an avocado and shrimp salad with sesame
dressing. The main course of tuna filet with
apple cider sauce, and,
chocolate ice cream
with jasmine tea sauce
is highly recommended.
Other unique and tasty
choices include mille-
feuille with smoked
salmon, carpaccio
of duck breast with
sunflower seeds,
halibut and spring
onions, quail with
bacon sauce, creme
fraiche, and scallops
with roast almond
dressing. Mmmmmm.
Now burn it off with a
little bike ride.
Catch A Wave - page 73

photo credit Bettina Cirone
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This Is Cracker Soul
on Virgin Records.

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