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Panasonic is proud to serve as the Official Audio /
Video Technology Supplier to USA Luge for the Olympic
Competitions in Salt Lake City. The company
is supplying the U.S. Luge team with a variety
of digital electronic products to be used at
the team's training facilities in Lake Placid,
New York and Park City, Utah ... the site of
the 2002 competition. In addition, the team
has taken to and employed a number of the Panasonic
products in Europe, as they travel, compete, and train in
preparations. Luge is the fastest of all the Winter sports.
One of USA Luge's athletes who will benefit from the technology is Tony Benshoof. Benshoof recently
broke the Guinness World Records' highest recorded luge speed during National Team training in Park City, Utah.
On October 16, 2001 he was timed at 86.6 miles per hour down the 2002 Park City track, surpassing the Guinness
mark of 85.38 miles per hour, set in May, 1982. "We are very proud to be associated with the USA Luge Association"
Don Iwatani, CEO and Chairman CEO, Matsushita Electric Corporation of America said, "It is indeed a privilege to
provide these American athletes who are motivated simply by the desire to race and to compete with our video and
audio technology. Everyone at Panasonic feels a part of the luge team and we are happy to help these dedicated
athletes attain their goals." Panasonic consumer products are marketed in the U.S. by Panasonic Consumer
Electronics Company. One of the largest producers of innovative electronic products for consumer, business and
industrial use. Panasonic also supplies mobile computing to over 1300 police departments in the United States.
Don Iwatani presents Olympic Medallist Gordy Sheer with
a giant "Good Luck" card signed by Panasonic employees.
The card will accompany the team from to the Salt Lake City
Games. For info on The Games:

A Key To Peace
Birth Dreams
Winter 2001
In a competition where instant analysis is a major asset to coaches and athletes alike, Panasonic digital still
cameras, Palmcorder digital camcorders, Triple Play 27 inch Television / DVD / VCR combination units, and
ruggedized Toughbook laptop computers will track the action as they race for the Gold. Toughbook laptops were
specifically chosen for their durability and ability to operate outdoors under extreme temperature conditions. A Luge
run drops 30 stories from top to bottom and is approximately one mile in length. The luge, a small one or two person
sled, can reach speeds up to 90 miles per hour. And this alone makes it difficult for coaches to view an athlete's
progress with the naked eye. The use of digital camcorders allows the coaches to record each run and analyze it
on the TV combination units and laptops. Plus they will be using the unique Dartfish (tm) software program which
enables a slider to examine each run in stop action and by overlaying one athlete over another. According to Dan
Smith, trainer and strength-conditioning coach for USA Luge "In a sport timed to the thousandth of a second (the
only sliding sport so timed), technology plays a critical role in training and analysis." He also noted, " Thanks to
Panasonic's recognition of the role of technology in the sport of Luge, we have increased our training knowledge
and can now instantly study the technical intricacies of a run. The rugged Toughbook and digital camcorder
allows (the team and the coaches) to review a run right on the mountain. Another major factor is the
portability of this equipment. Prior to the February 2002 Games, (the teams) will be competing in a
number of World Cup events in Germany, Austria and Latvia. The digital camcorders and laptops
(give) us the ability to have instant review sessions wherever we are in the world.""Not only will ...
equipment benefit our national team -- there is a terrific application in using the video technology
to train our junior athletes," said Duncan Kennedy, the USA Luge junior development team.
"These young sliders benefit greatly, not only by watching video of themselves. but also of the more
experienced Olympic caliber athletes -- the Dartfish video training software can help them improve."
Luge is the only sliding sport measured in 1/1000th's of a second. It was introduced as an Olympic sport during the
'64 Games in Innsbruck, Austria. USA Luge has won more than 250 medals, internationally, over the last 13 years.
USA Luge won silver and bronze medals in the doubles event of the '98 Nagano, Japan Games, marking the first time
a nation outside of Europe or the former Soviet Union claimed an Olympic Luge medal. Luge is the French word for
sled. It is called rodel in Germany. Sturz is German for crash. The U.S. is the home of the world's 2 newest Luge
tracks. They are located in Park City, Utah, home of the February competition, and Lake Placid, N.Y., the site of both
the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. Average luge run: a vertical drop of 30 stories. The 2002 Games: 390 ft --
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